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This can kill town NPC and nobody will blame you for it
Did some DE testing. It would appear the thrown trap takes the stats of whoever triggered it. This is consistent with other findings - self-triggering the trap as a Pyromancer deals significantly more damage than if a enemy were to trigger it. This is particularly interesting as traps triggered by a damaging surface (i.e: fire) will count as triggered by whoever made the surface originally. This gives some interesting (overpowered) use cases for example, you could have a maxed Pyromancer produce fire surfaces around all enemies on their turn and then have the three other players throw explosive traps on the fire surfaces. The three other players will only need the bare minimum investment to use the skill but their damage will be the same as if the Pyromancer threw all three traps. Now imagine that with mass explosive traps on all players. On a side note, it does not seem possible to override the owner of a surface. You'll need to make sure the Pyromancer is always the first to create them. (Unless you go through the lengthy process of removing all of the surfaces with rain or something)