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Lockpicking doesen't break the sneaking.
sneaking seems like more trouble than it's worth, during battle at least. spend 3 AP just to enter sneaking, and the only real benefit is 25% damage to 1 attack if you have guerilla? and it's so easy for the enemy to break...
Exactly what I was thinking. It would be nice if Sneaking lowered AP. Guerilla seems like a garbage talent, because sneaking cost too much.
It's better to use prior to entering combat. I use it to get into a better position for people in the backline. In addition to getting a free skill use/attack, you can utilize this to get a turn back to back.
Isn't it 4AP to enter sneak in combat?
Pass on this... Speed? who cares? if you are in stealth during a fight... TIME IS FROZEN... so speed is for getting past 1 or 2 patrols in the entire game? Most glaring downside to this game is the stealth mechanics... just put your points into thievery and lucky charm.. and maybe telekinesis
Bartering and persuasion
also respeccing for loremaster
4ap to sneak in combat is too much, and sneaking outside of combat is pretty easy even with 0 sneak. Avoid this skill
since there is a lot of skill can turn you invisible (smoke cover,cameleon cloak, etc) i think sneaking ability is a garbage talent but maybe i can be wrong? what do you think?
Sometimes invisibility doesn't last long enough, but I do agree that its less important than thievery, so you should put in thievery first imo.
You can sneak up on Radeka and just pickpocket her wand off of her without ever needing to initiate the fight with her. Enter sneak mode out of her sight, sneak in, pickpocket the wand, sneak back out. BAM. Quest done.
Honestly not all that necessary but its a fun skill to have.
If you find those teleporting pyramids then your one Sneak focused character can get into position and have others teleport on him by using pyramids.