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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

My save fails everytime I try go...
I can not beat the gods within me, I'm a high level everything and still can't beat it.
I can't get him into his killable stage....Spend ages on him being in godmade
Biggest issue I've had with the second phase, when you're fighting your inner gods, is that they take their turns VERY slowly. Seems to be the characters that have more abilities, as if they were looking through a list and thinking of which one to pick. In my case, The Red Prince is taking upwards of five minutes every turn because he has so many skills that I've just thrown at him as I've played.
I have a bug where nothing happens after the Dallis cutscene.
Does anyone know if you can romance multiple people? For some reason I ended up together with Sebille during Act 3 but wanted to end up with Lohse, can I sleep with her on the ship without Sebille hating me? Basically, does it have any repercussions?
I play as Sebille. Slept with Lohse. Noone is hating me. Except some voidwokens, blackrings, magisters, witch...
If someone has a problem getting to the romance at the end of act 3 like me: The romance thing breaks if one of the companions is currently dead when you reach the beacon (they will then also arrive dead on the ship even though you can still resurrect them). In my case the game skipped over a dialog with Maladay and the romance bit did not happen. It doesn't break the game, but it's not ideal.
Just tried this with a high level of Summoning. During the final battle, I had an Incarnate. When Malady rescued me, the battle continued on the Lady Vengeance while my totems died, and it didn't exit battle until my incarnate finally died (I just kept clicking "end turn" until the incarnate timed out).
My battle won't end it just keeps going and going and going.
Its because of the lava spurts. You have to escape in combat
Yeah, I reloaded to earlier save thinking it was a bug. /sigh It just means that the lava will keep falling while you make your way to Malady's beacon. Pan camera to find beacon, just get one character there and click it to end combat.