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The-skill-that-halves-resistances-is-resisted-by-magic-resistance-YEAH. And that 3 AP cost is a joke.

Lol *.
Would it not still be useful for actually damaging the enemy with magical attacks? I would think so
Use terrify ability of inner demon to deal rude magic damage with no element, so it cannot be resisted and then use flay skin.
The wording on this ability is a little different to that of say, Chloroform. Does it shred [X] Magic Armor and then _attempt_ to apply Nullify Resistances? Or does it always apply the Nullify Resistances debuff regardless?

Side note: this spell's Divinity 1 counterpart (Nullify Resistances) was perhaps the most useless Witchcraft spell in the game, given that the target's resistances applied _before_ the spell was applied (meaning if the target had high resistances, the spell would never land, and if the target had low resistances, there was basically no point in casting it).
It deals Magic Armor damage and then attempts to apply Nullified Resistances, which is resisted by any remaining Magic Armor.



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It doesn't "halve" resistances, it reduces them all by 50%. If the targes has 10% resists by default, with this status they will become -40%.
Which makes it MUCH better than just "halving" resistances in most cases. IMO this is a must skill for any party that has a mage.
Now the question is, can it stack?
Worthless. The only one who might want to use this skill is an elemental mage, yet the magic armor damage scales with strength, not intelligence and is absolutely laughable: at lvl14 the skill deals sub 100 magic armor damage on 10 str mage. Complete garbage, since, if you can destroy a target's magic armor with your magic bypassing resistances, you don't need this worthless skill in the first place.
To everybody in the future reading this nonsensical post, this anon is wrong. You dont use it when the enemy has magic armor. You use it when they have none or very little left and you burst damage the crap out of them. Arguably, once a full throttle damagecarry pyro/geo mage has a target's magic armor down and uses this skill, they die.
He's saying that if a mage "could" destroy magic armor, than he wouldn't need a skill that instant kills an enemy in the first place. Suppose you fight an enemy with 50% fire resistance and your fire-mage. You will never come to a point that you will be able to kill magic armor to use the deduction of magic resistance of that element. So the argument is that if a mage specialized in multiple elements, He can deal different types of damages for correct enemy and using elemental affinity, those spells will be machine gunned with 1 ap. For example, If you put an oil surface before combat, enter combat and use fossil strike,impalement,ignite,fireball .... combustion, rain, electric discharge.. string continues. Since elemental mage doesn't specialize his point in school for damage, he can use this skill to modify resists acting as if he maxed the school and the damage of all his spells scale off his int and crit chance. The build got heavy nerf by nerfing all those storm spells with Apotheosis. This spell is more commonly used by other physical damage dealers to set up their mage for instant kill, for example a rogue can cloak and dagger into gag order and than cast this skill or 2 handed can pop medusa head with this and set up their mage again. It's only skill that allows mixed damage teams to be effective, so it's definitely not useless.
Or you know,you could just put it on your STR character with warfare and polymorph and he sets up an enemy for them....also if he has spark swings and bleed fire those will help even more.
Boost all damage from your spells 50% for two turns. Must have for pyro mages as they lack cc so they need to push through with even more damage.
Decent way to make enemies very vulnerable to stuff, for example if you play pyro you can get -20% fire from necrofire -20% from bleed fire and -50% from flay skin pretty much making it so enemy now take double damage, add to that high ground damage and possible crit and you can start hitting realy hard.
Exept that if enemies loose their armor they are already effectively dead



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I recently found a scroll for sale of this spell, but it's supposed to be one of the few that you can't craft. Did they add it as a recipe in the new update?
you can craft flay skin skill book with scroll and blank high tier Ploymorph skillbook
What level does this scroll appear? Because getting this at say level 11 or 12 could make the mid game very smooth indeed. What annoyed me was that Polymorph in the Alexander fight had it, and I would just reload until she used it on my borrowed seekers because Alexander hits for absurd Air damage with this going...over 150..because of the rain. I know you can cheese that fight but I don't play that way,takes the fun out of tactician.
This is a very good to have on your warfare tank to help your mages burst down melee enemies. useful on your rouge too.