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By Anonymous
is she even usefull? she dropped some pretty nice stuff when I dropped it infront of her face in the dialogue option
By Anonymous
I killed her. I mean come on, She sacrificed a whole village just to please Braccus.
By Anonymous
Lol, morals aside, she is pretty useful when you need to recharge your purging wand.
By Anonymous
More than just one, according to the necromancers.
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By Anonymous
Gratiana? Yes.
By Anonymous
you are so innocent right?
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Honestly, she spent like 2000 years making up for what she did. I was okay with giving her the jar.
By Anonymous
But she didn't do anything.
By Anonymous
My thoughts exactly! I gave her the soul too.
By Anonymous
well i found the cave with the souls before i found her broke the vase and then wondered why the ***** she was dead before i got there XD
By Anonymous
called me an insolent pup, dropped the jar.
By Anonymous
I mean, thats kinda what she wanted isnt it?
By Anonymous
Thats about the reaction we'd expect to an insolent pup. lol
By Anonymous
Lol was she wrong though?

Qre you emotionally immature like a child?

Check. ✔☑
By Anonymous
I didn't find her jar until after I did the fight at the abandoned camp- now she is gone. Oh well.
By Anonymous
I consumed her soul.
She burned down villages and mass-murdered men, women and children laughing, for this Source thingy with which he helped Rexx to power. If it wasn't for her, maybe Rexx couldn't have done half of what he did. Anyway, later she somehow becomes undead, turns a "priestess" (fast forward a couple of centuries to the present) and when the jars are mentioned, she hurries you to retrieve them (more the merrier) but forgets to mention that she's Braccus Rexx's undead wife who just wants her soul back, then (after her jar is retrieved) if you *dare* to ask why her name's on it, or why she's impatient, she flips, drops the act and calls you names. Some priestess she is, and by the way, how does worshipping a stone head for centuries help anybody? How's that atonement? Nope, she definitely does not regret her crimes, only its outcome. And if you drop the jar in front of her, she's like "nononono" before dying, unlike the necromancers or Withermore(?) who wanted nothing but an end to their unlife of suffering, which implies she wants keep living her unlife or maybe get back her not rotting body with her soul inside, but that makes me wonder just what the hell she's still planning. Regardless...if you drop it, you release her soul, it's afterlife for her, she might just be happier there. How's that punishment, bro?
But even leaving the jar in that armory or keeping it, she might just get bored of this priestess act and gets back to killing for fun.

I wish I knew exactly what happens if you consume her soul. I did that right in front of her, seemed like the best option. Wasn't all that satisfying tho, no extra conversations or anything, but after all she pulled, I wouldn't let her enjoy anything. Also wish there was a more punishing option, but oh well.
By Anonymous
I want to add that something else too. You have the possibilites to give her the others jars you found in the cave. After you've done it, you can speak to her again and say to her " There wasn't another jar " Afterwards she ask you if there wasn't another one with HER name on it. At what you can answer " Why your name would be on a jar ? " She answer " It doesn't matter why, what matter is to return it here, Amadia requires it " like hell she requires it, that what make her more suspicious. Another fact is that people cursed by Bracus are CURSED ( ooh you clever boy ) despite the fact that almost every cursed guys are undead, there is always someting else. Withermore was trapped in a cave. Trumpdoy was a jester, he lived to make OTHERS peoples laught, whatever how. He ended ALONE. Gratiana enjoyed KILLING people, what if her punishement is to give people will to LIVE through god ? ... Like you said the afterlife would make her happy, so i think that the best thing to do to punish her is else to keep it, or to drain is soul and use it on a burning pig with a spell ...
By Anonymous
Well i've put her into an infinite death loop at the part where we have to attack the shriekers by teleporting her there without breaking the soul jar
By Anonymous
Agreed, a lot of people saying "she attoned for her mistakes" How exactly?
For the context we are given the only "help" she provides is giving the Seekers a hideout... which does not makeup for the mass murderers she committed, and even then she is extremely sassy and rude calling both Gareth and the player names for attempting to escape. When Gareth returns empty handed she knows where another purging wands are but won't disclose that information unless the soul jars come into place which is what she ultimately wants and sends you there not because she wants to help you but because she wants to help herself.
Anyway another detail I find annoying is that when you pick up the Jars and see the memories of the necromancers everyone pretty much treats them like ****... except for her which seems out of character for several of the origin characters (Ifan specifically). and yeah they did bad things but pretty tame in comparison for what Gratiana pulled, hell of them did hat he did because he got tricked and tortured and they still badmouthed him over Gratiana.
By Anonymous
Give her soul = Uncommon item quest reward.

Drop her soul in front of her = 4 rare items that need level 2 Loremaster to ID.

If you don't use wands you won't need her later on.

If you do use wands, after passing a persuasion check, she'll recharge them for you.
By Anonymous
She doesn't give any reward for me. Just a lengthy explanation of what happened follows, 4200xp + 30 attitude towards her and that's it. No quest reward for me :/