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If you have access to teleportation (from gawin's quest or otherwise) you can just teleport her into the shriekers when you progress the Seekers to the abandoned camp

Seekers didn't aggro me when I TP'd her, likely cuz she isn't in direct sight when she takes damage. Shriekers kill her before she has any chance to aggro as well.
Easy way to get her stuff, just remember to buy her skillbooks first as only certain drops are guaranteed, like her ring Astarte's Tears. She'll only drop a couple of her skillbooks on death. Even if you run out of wand charges you can use Braccus's helmet.

Rinse and repeat for any others you wanna get rid of before committing to fighting Alexander, since everyone else dies in the transition to act 2 anyway, and you don't have a good way to loot them on the Lady Vengeance.
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This is so unnecessary
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Dude, "aggro" isn't a verb, let alone a word. Learn to speak the English language and stop trying to sound cool.
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Let her be