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By Anonymous
Seems to be broken. Going back to Cat she just opens a trade menu, trading her the items she just says "Now for the rest" with no quest update or completion.
By Anonymous
You have to sell three items to Cat not that you gets reward just speaking to her
By Anonymous
This quest is dumb. Why does Larian wants us to trade the items from our inventory which has no search function. I gave the 2 items but I cant seem to *****ing find the scroll in my *****ing inventory because it is highly crowded. What am I supposed to do now? Search for two hours one by one for the Scroll of Eternity. What purpose does this process serve? THX Larian.
By Anonymous
why don't you sort your inventory with all the backpacks and pouches that larian gives you instead of toting them all around in your top layer pocket like a rancid heathen
By Anonymous
Yea... crowded bags just makes you seem like you're not the type of person to be playing this game.
By Anonymous
Well I think there is an issue here. I found the scroll and the painting. I should have found the cup because I took everything on the table.
After that I went straight to Cat but I can't find that damned F~*#ing cup in my inventory... I'm sure I didn't sell it and there is nothing left on the table. I checked twice with "Alt".
By Anonymous
I talked to her, failed persuasion (with max persuasion) and got a quest that never explained anything. After reading here what I need, I took those 3 items and sold them to her. After closing dialogue she walked toward a big hatch called basement and disappeared.

When I entered the red flag said she is there, but she is not, she is just gone!
By Anonymous
Yeah, she disappeared into the basement for me as well, and the quest never updated. All that trouble and she just leaves... serves me right for helping selfish people.
By Anonymous
I was able to complete the quest by choosing to barter with her. Tried both selling and donating but neither worked.
By SlamSlamOhHotDamn
You need to turn the 3 items in, ONE BY ONE to finish the quest. If you do all 3 at the time she will only reply "Now for the rest".
By WakingComa
I can confirm. This does work on the current patch.
By Anonymous
Hmm. I can't sell her the scroll. I have it in my inventory, but it doesn't show when I try to sell it
By Anonymous
I am having the same problem. I tried selling everything at once, which I guess is bad, but the scroll was not there. I sold her the other two items. I went back down to the vault and found the scroll and picked it up. I then went back to Cat, but when I tried to sell it to her, it was not on myself or anyone in my party. I looked it up in my journal and it says I picked up the scroll Cat wanted. I bought back the other two items and thought that might trigger it, but it did not help.
By Anonymous
I completed it and she took the painting. It's the painting needed to get deeper into Kemm's vault and complete that quest. I'm not yet certain but I think having a pact with the God King and not being able to complete this task causes the game to not be complete-able.
By WakingComa
This is incorrect. It is not the same paining.
By Anonymous
Yeah are you *****ing stupid?