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yeah rhalic wants my eyes... does it actually make me blind or is their a way around it


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you can ask your god to intervene
You can give him your eyes then kill your character with one of your teammates , then ressurect him and blind will be removed
Have any human in your party interact with the shrine or use the Mask of the Shapeshifter beforehand to avoid being blinded (if you don't get the option to let your god intervene like I did).
If your god take control / answer you dont will be blinded.
u can get remove blind with Bless ability btw
how the hell do i convince sebille!?! I feel like using a stat to try and convince anyone anything almost always fails
Persuasion in civil abilities helps a metric *****ton with chat checks
You realize conversation checks need Persuasion right? Why else would Persuasion be in the game if you don't put points in it for the checks? Stats only serve to reinforce the persuasion checks.
Taking the "secret" passage in to the academy too early will (Close) the Nameless Isle quest, automatically killing Gareth and causing you to lose out on a lot of experience. I learned this by accident while exploring.
blind cannot be removed by bless, just make sure you speak to your characters race god at the altars to avoid blindess.
If you are undead, you can avoid the blindness (given the whole "no eyeballs" thing).
Not true, my char is undead and he was blinded (cured it with equipping and un-equipping the fort joy arena blindfold)
"Permanently Blinded" can be removed by equipping and unequipping a blindfold (from Driftwoods Undertavern Arena of the One),
since it grants the same effect while equipped it overrides the altar's effect
if you tell the mother tree women you will help her getting the shadow guy killed but then blow up the deathfog crate it will make your game broken since you cant get into the vault without alexanders head somehow... also you dont get any information to the puzzle.
I think that is what the secret entrance to the council in south east of the map is for


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You can cure permanenty blindness with death. Just kill your character and resurect him.



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If you still have the blindfolds from the driftwood arena just have whoever will talk to the shrine to equip the blindfold. Then just take it off after the conversation. You will be fine.