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Use first aid. Level 1 huntsman skill
Thank you. It says this no where
Many thanks. Confirmed this works. Easiest q ever + good loot + xp 1500 for each patient u heal (there are four you can heal).
I rang the bell for Bahara but decided to go complete other quests before returning. When I returned and entered for the first time, all 3 are dead and harbor assault has not started yet
If you ring the bell but leave and come back much later without entering amadia's sanctuary, but still before the assault on the harbor, all 3 will be dead with no quest notifications.
Jesus I save Garreth so they die =_= stupid game does anything to make you miss out on exp
Yea, I really do not understand the rationale here. Every time I've played, I run into, and rescue, Gareth first (because I forget this is an "order specific" quest). I mean....he's right near where you come out of the fort while the Seeker camp is on the other side of the map; why would I head all the way out there expecting that's the next plot point in what is a mostly linear tactical RPG? Heck, one area you'll likely pass on the way to the seeker camp contains nasty, and difficult to beat, enemies!