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By Anonymous
Apparently the only skill that generates *fire clouds*, which is needed for the 4 seasons challenge in Act 2.
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By Phantomstar
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Note that a summoned Fire Slug also has access to this skill for that challenge if you don't have it yourself. Untested, but you might also be able to Vaporize a fire surface?
By Anonymous
good for starting a fight if you main pyro
By Anonymous
The way the targeting for this skill works means that it can be shot through smoke clouds without worrying about the obstructed vision. Useful to remember since pyro mages tend to create plenty of smoke over the course of longer fights.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
One of the best Pyro spells. Great damage.
By FashionMage
This skill's appearance was changed at some point. It used to be a white laser with streams of energy while casting, now it's just a red-orange laser.
By Anonymous
it's sad because the old effect was so beautiful, especially the casting ring with the energy streams.
By Anonymous
Can this be deflected?