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By Anonymous
She doesn't talk to me
By Anonymous
She drops lava on me when I try to get close lol. RIP
By Anonymous
I talked, then fought and then half way through she calls in void teleporters and I had to fight 4-5 void creatures on top of magisters. Not easy when just level 11.
Think you can fight magisters first without talking.
By Anonymous
This happens if any of the Magisters gets within vision range of Hannag. I had also found out the hard way when I teleported a Magister near her hoping she's melt him...Turns out she turns against you and calls the void portals.
By Anonymous
Are there extra ways of getting more source point slots if I dont want to kill all the animals?
By Anonymous
there are 4 ways i believe, 2 require many souls and the other 2 don't (jahan and the undead dwarf), and since the limit is 3, you're good with the 2 that don't.
By Anonymous
All those having problem in talking to her.... just cast cryogenic statis (permafrost) and when she is still go and talk to her.... This is a solution only if u are following her and unable to talk as she keeps moving.
By Anonymous
It worked like a charm. Thanks!
By Anonymous
you can pick pocket her, she had tons of source skill books in her inventory.
By Anonymous
You can use the living on the edge skill to ensure you survive long enough to speak to her. To win the fight against the magisters by cheating just cast teleport during the fight to drop them into the path of the fireballs that Hannag is tossing around. Since she isn't following the turn based combat rules you can sit back and watch the magisters get burned to a crisp.
By Anonymous
I used teleport to get her close to my characters. While talking I attacked with my backstabber and used polymorph on her. You can then kill her in polymorph.

It almost feel like cheating, but hey, it's in the game so it's a feature.
By Anonymous
Ignore everything, just walk straight to her. If you talk to her right before she finish casting her lava it WON'T hurt NOR kill you. Teleport is also your best friend but I haven't really needed it.
By Anonymous
Persuasion lv 3 along with int 33+Clear Of Mind(+3)+Food(+1)=37, passed.
By Anton
I've passed it with Persuation 5 + Memory 18
By Anonymous
Passed it with Persuasion 4 + Constitution 18 >.<
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