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By Anonymous
Confirming that you do gain 1 slot every two levels. I'm currently at level 35 with 20 slots with a base 10 memory.
By Anonymous
How do you get there?
By Anonymous
I'd imagine they play the game.
By Anonymous
I'd imagine level 35 with mods. Average is 20, 100% and killing all NPC's is max around 23 according to the Wiki.
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By eolsunder
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exactly he didn't get level 35 playing normally. The max you'll get is level 22, you might reach level 23 after the final battle but normally level 22 is it if you do all the quests, try to get max experience, all sidequests, etc.
By Anonymous
aside from whithermoor’s belt are the here any gear that gives plus to memory (same with polymorph)
By Anonymous
I've only seen a few in Act 4 that were all Unique armors and weapons, as far as I can recall. Withermoore's Girdle is a rare case.
By Anonymous
Contaminated Armor chest piece unlocks mnemonic. There is a sword in a cave in nameless isle that adds plus 3 memory. You can also combine a mystical rune of power and either a rune or source orb (can't remember which) in a necklace to give +3 memory. That is all I know of so far.
By Anonymous
For Clarity: Characters gain an additional Memory slot every [2 memory attribute levels, or every] 2 [character] levels (2,4,6,8,10,12 etc.). Slots = (Character Level)/2 + (Memory Attribute Level) - 7
By Anonymous
*Characters gain an additional Memory slot every [memory attribute level, or every] 2 [character] levels (2,4,6,8,10,12 etc.). Slots = (Character Level)/2 + (Memory Attribute Level) - 7
By Anonymous
The Wizard Hat Mushroom adds to memory (+1) temporalily (2 turns) Been tryin to find a potion recipe for it, but so far no luck