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Hard to not get a feeling that game of thrones was idea for shriekers and silent monks. Just like Greyjoy tortured and changed by Ramsey :)
What? So characters being changed by being tortured means that one very specific arch for one fairly niche character in an incredibly expansive universe is the inspiration? You can argue it's as much inspired by elves being turned into orcs by Melkor, but really, it's "Literacy 101 - Character Archs."
yes... your point? also we call that getting inspiration, if even they got it from GOT
Haven't seen many shriekers or silent monks in GoT. Crucifiction has been around for a couple of centuries you know, as is mutilation -volunteer or otherwise.
This game is based on D&D. Way before game of thrones. it would be the other way around. Also, the ending of GoT sucked.
Tyrant helm also lets you use purge 3 times before summoning a demon that attempts to kill you.
You can cast Living on the Edge on character and go and cast Soul Vampirism....
If you simply need to get past shriekers (to get a better positionning in the Bishop fight for example) you can use teleport, tactical retreat, phoenix dive, or go invisible. Surprisingly enough they also have a 10% chance to miss, which I guess could be increased with statuses or spells (aethereal wisp)
if you have points into sneaking its a good way to get by, since there cone of detection is lock facing forward.
I have vampirism, sneak mode, cloak and dagger behind and use vampirism. The wand I have only had 4 uses
Reminder: if you get the purging wand from Radeka the Witch you can use it at least 3 times before giving it to the dragon with no consequences. Including to clear the shriekers. I am unsure if using the last charge will have a negative effect as I didn't test it.