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Seems a bit anticlimactic. I was planning to backstab them when I saw that I could pickpocket their phase capacitor. A bit too easy. Even the great guardian went down through this.
I soul consumed the bird before entering the arena
guardian only worth 83k now, also last sentinel gave 0 exp when it died along with guardian. DE. Two divine pieces of loot however, that much is true.
As per 2020 on DE, i simply focused the Guardian, when he died they all died at the same time as many time said, EXP was: 27,900 x 4 for the Sentinels and 55,800 for the Guardian. So total of 167,400 XP for focusing the Guardian.
I didn't even know that there was a spirit from the dead bird, i just ran into the arena and easily killed it with air-spells (their weakness) in the hopes of getting more phase-conductors.. i now am in the arx so i cant be "the one" apparently