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What do you do with the reflectors and phase plate in the arena?
you can stun the Boss and it will loose half it health if you get the beam to him. (need a phase capacitator to activate)
I, too, am curious if there is a way to activate the reflectors in the proving grounds.
Placing a phase capacitor on the phase conductor doesn't make anything happen either. Wondering if the puzzle is glitched as I've tried everething I can think of
By the way you can reach the higher room section only with flight, tp or planar gateway are out of vision range to use. I found just a t4 thunder rune there
cloak and dagger works as well
Tactical retreat works too.
It says that you can feel power seep into you and stay there (or something to that effect), does anyone know the impact of this "power"?
I wondered that too. Possibly if you somehow haven't gotten to 3 source yet, it's giving you a third one? The bird also said "Happy are those who feast on the fallen..." so I consumed its source, but got no special message. Might be a reference to the gods?
Moving the reflectors and activating the beam does not do direct damage to it. It stuns the boss and keeps its magic armor at 0 until the automatons free it. I never got to see how exactly it frees it though since I just one-shot it with an enrage+onslaught at 70 STR.
wow, someone as insane as me, my beast is with 68 strength with all the items and buffs)
Also, use your invisibility potions to move the reflectors and to activate the beam without anyone noticing.
This quest didn't close for me... Despite the fact that the bird infused me with some kind of power ... And now that I'm in the next chapter it says that I didn't pursue the challenge of the arena master ...
This too happened to me. So many quests that do this in this game.
Same for me.
Same for me three.
From the platform right behind the Great Guardian you can teleport up to a (spectators) area, where you can find a giant rune.