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Very useful..
I follow this..but after i give him alexandar's head, i select turn away option, and no matter what choice i select after that, it is either i choose to fight him, or it ends in a fight with no complete, just closes it out and i don't get the staff, is there a certain something i am missing?
Same here. Steam DE version. 20200315.
For the sake of posterity, if you speak to him as Lohse he will simply attack you after talking to him. He hates the demon in her apparently. If you're looking to hand the quest in do NOT talk to him while using Lohse.
Actually, let me correct myself. Don't have her in the vicinity when you talk to the sallow man. I guess it doesn't even matter who initiates as long as she is in the party he will outright attack you. Simply unchain her from the group and put her at a bit of a distance.
What a bull*****guide , sallow man attacks no matter what you do , there is no option to become sworn
Not true. He will ask u to kill ur teamember and join in.
Before throwing a tantrum you might want to make sure you checked all the options.
Nope, Sallow man is in red right when I enter the cave.

I killed Gareth,Alexandar,the troll, dropped the head.
I would just like to add a cheese way to level the playing field with the sallow man fight, after giving him alexanders head and progressing into his dialog. He begs the question of if I am sworn or not, before I answered the question, I simply switched characters and attacked his surrounding lackies. Essentially, my tank remained in dialog with the sallow man, while the rest of my party cleared his black ring buddies. I am assuming as long as you do not actually cause any harm to the sallow man, he will never enter combat. Keep in mind that this cheat requires you to sacrafice one of your team to remain in dialog with him. Regardless after killing his minions you can position yourself anyway you want around him and finish the dialog, initiating combat and finishing him off. I hope this helps anyone who may find his fight annoying.
In the same area there is a small place reacheable by teleport skills and into the same wall there is also an sort of huge tomb/chair looking that can be clicked upon but costantly say "Can't Reach".
It is tied with the Sallow Man's quest?
Eh...so much missing out here.
For example, you can also first meet with the Prince of Shadows and get a hood to protect you against the Sallow man - also you can kill him and help Alexander instead. It's not just ONE way to deal with this...
I got 50,150XP for giving alexandar's head :\


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the latest patch decreased XP gains in act 2 and 3, so you're right.
Small advise, in order to get into cave, you don't have to outgun the troll with source(due to his regen). You can sneak to the left of him and teleport him to lava