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Does not work with throwing knife since definitive edition. Seems broken combined with venom coat, ele Ranger and piercing "fang" huntsman skill, can liteary one shot some enemies.
You must be playing at low difficulty. There are skills that are much more broken without the contingent of having to be comboed with 3 other skills.
In case your reading through comments and are confused, this skill doesn't apply to melee weapons. Tested on console, don't waste your time.
check to get know how abuse this skill for any weapon
Doesn't Work With Wands in DE. Apparently Wands doesn't count as Ranged nor Melee (for use of Warfare skills) weapons. Weird.
Well, the skill is called elemental ARROWHEADS.
For the weakest skill of huntsman, its a pretty good source.
doesn't work on melee weapons anymore, might be for definitive edition. tested both by damage numbers and change in health.



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I assume it works on traps?