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Works with any kind of weapon even fists don't know if bugged or just a bad description
Doesn't seem to add damage to wands in my testing. Tried fire patch to fire wands and poison to water wand with no increase in damage. Anyone else?
If I remember it works only with weapons that have a base physical damage.
On my main char it doesn't works too only with ranged weapon, but another char in my party can use even sword with this spell and additional damage applies. Very strange. Can someone confirm?
doesnt works with anything but bows. The buff on melee weapons is just an optical error. works on dagger throw if you buff your daggers with it.
I'd say the tip is wrong, Elemental Arrows is still useful in a primarily physical setup due to it also being able to give a Physical damage up when used on Blood surfaces which are easy enough to make/come by


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It does not add a flat "40%" in damage. The damage it adds depends on:
1) Your Level;
2) The Surface;
3) Your points in the Skill corresponding to the Surface.

For instance, at Level 8 an Elemental Surface (e.g. Oil, Fire, Water ...) adds 21-22 damage before Skills.
If you use an Oil Surface (+Earth Damage), and have 4 points in Geomancer (+20% Earth Damage), it will add (21-22)*1.2 = 25-26 damage.
However, Fire Surfaces (+Fire Damage) will still add 21-22 Fire Damage if you don't have points in Pyrokinetic.

Blood Surfaces add Physical Damage, but a lower amount of it. At Level 8, it adds 16-17 damage (compared to 21-22 for Elemental Surfaces).
Blood is affected by Warfare. So if you have 4 points in Warfare (+20% Physical Damage), it will add (16-17)*1.2 = 19-20 damage.

The Arrowheads are not affected by the base weapon damage, and neither by the Finesse Attribute nor the Ranged Skill.
You can remove all your points from Finesse & Ranged and use a twig with a string, it'll still add a base 21-22 Elemental damage at Level 8.
Is this bonus applied to special arrows as well? Or just the default physical arrows?
Tested it, bonus damage does translate over to special arrows interestingly enough. If you use this skill on a water surface for example, a special fire arrow will do more fire damage than it normally would.
so the skill isnt as useful late game then? since it doesnt scale with finesse and ranged skill
Probably scales with your level.
It scales with level and the surface. So if you like having fire on your arrows then lvl pyro. If poison then geo and if water then hydro.
This has been a thing ever since I first played, but this skill applies to all weapons not just arrowheads. This is confirmed for Definitive Edition as well. Have fun with elemental weapon builds (Spellblades, dual wands, etc.) for those that didn't already know this.
Ive tried this with a wand, didn't add any extra damage or that element type
It DOES NOT do anything to any weapons beside bows and crossbows. You have to be in melee range from a pool of desired substance to dip the arrow in. It does not mean that it works on melee weapons. Tried and tested. Don't be fooled by this misleading message.
Ignore whoever said this spell works on other weapons than bows and crossbows. It can be casted without one, won't do anything without one. It used to work on all weapons but that was a bug. Unfortunately...