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1) After interaction with the spirit of Reimond (and having taken the information from his corps?) Linder Kemm came in => dialog, XP and reward.
The Party did not need to return to him.
2) There is a lever on the NW platform to lower a ladder:
It leads to a separate room right beside the place where Windego is imprisoned, a place where "research" had been made
And from which you can reach Windego (you can easily destroy the obstacles without negative reaction of the guards).
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That society picture is actually divine.
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Maybe I come late, maybe it's definite edition I played. But my experience quite different from this guide/some comment down there
1. Doing the button puzzle, Mind - Body - Society - Divine, open the gold pile room near the Divine button, which lead to Unique Gear
2. Body and DIvine button swapped position compare with this guide.
3. The button named "Button" does not required button puzzle above to be solve, pushing it lead to hatch room.
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As of DE, no XP is given for reading the open report. Also, each gheist only grants 38 800 XP.
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if you come from the stairways down and fight the Gheists. Just use sneak if you have it high enough. My ranger was sneak 7 with gear. So he went around and stole all the explosive oil cans. JUST in case. Also he went around and stole all the paperwork and documents too. Just in case. FINALLY....step 1. Place your ranger person by either left side or right side areas that are above the gheists. If you align the ranger correctly, he could use his armor piercing arrows to go through two gheists at the same time. 2. If your melee person has a good enough sneak. mine was sneak 1. I was able to get the melee to the back side of the 3 gheists. By the golden chest. 3rd step. At this point have have the melee person initiate attack with his shield tossing skill. That should soften up the gheists for the ranger to armor pierce all 2 in a row...or...the ranger could use richochet shot and see if he can also take out all 3. Hope that proves entertaining.
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I opened the seceret room by inputting Mind, Body, Society, Divine.

the brazier in the gheist fight room opens a ladder to the left of the pillar west of it that has a ladder leading to the seceret room as well
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Omg thank you!!! My guy went "I found something" and I've been looking around for 15 minutes straight!.