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So does this mean I can kill the emerald hearald at the start of the game, get the feather and then I have to pay 2500 souls each time I want to level up?


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Yes but it isn't recommended as you could just use homeward bones.
Please do it and tell us the how was the experience
@Nuuskis, or the Homeward miracle, Homeward bones are expensive
Not if you find them in game :D
she never spawned for me. first game :( tried other places people said i could get the feather but no luck
Then your game is haunted, because she never "spawns" there; she was put there as a part of the area when they made the game. That's like saying your character's head never spawned in.
Turns out she was standing behind him and he was just facing the wrong direction the entire time...
at first i thought it said strongly "encouraged"...... derp
There’s no real downside to killing her then, at least if your as stupid as I am. I get into sh*ttier situations than Seigward in DS3 at least 15 times an area. It costs me so much Souls for dying and homeward bones, that I don’t mind the 2.5k souls thing (Trust me, I’ve lost at least 200k since I started playing about a day ago)
She brought you into this world and she can take you out, skeleton.
i literaly lost 100k souls on my first try in iron keep, even my real life soul is being drained right now of so much anger i'm feeling
I played nearly 300 hours and completely forgot i had the damn feather... I feel silly having wasted a attunement slot on Homeward for so long -_-" I'm basically at the end of the game now having farmed nearly 50 Loyd Souls so it won't do me any good now...
Wait what, I have been buying tens of homeward bones this whole time
LoL why use Homeward Bones..... just get enough faith to use a tailsmen and homeward (dose the same thing and is way Cheaper.)
Lol you are so dumb...
lmao same, I had at least 20 bones before she gave me in my first playthrough
Good to know: The feather can be used during boss fights.