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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Nice guide! Where is the location of the book????
Can also be had on elf eating severed head near destroyed caravan with dwarf survivor near Driftwood.
Apparently skill gains are randomized after Fort Joy.
This spell is very fine for fight Nathaly nightmare.
Converts the damage from elemental bonus and poisoning to true damage as well, so might be worth poisoning your ranged weapons even if you're not damaging magic armor
Less useful if that's your only piercing attack in the entire party.
just use skingraft, or play with mages.
If you have a mixed damage party, it is useful to do hp damage to targets your mages are targeting without having to strip physical armor.
This should be obvious but, in addition to helping with magic kills or other piercing damage, this can help finish enemies that keep buffing their phys armor.
FYI- Requires the use of a ranged weapon.
apparently this skill chains to other enemies in a decent radius. they dont even have to be in a line