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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
Very high damaging attack definitely worth a point in any warfare build.
Anyone know what percent of your attack stat this deals?
*still testing* *level 8*

Scales with:
+2min - 2max per point in Strength
+3min - 3max per point in Warfare

Does not scale with:
Crit Chance
Crit Multiplier
crit chance doesn't scale any damage anyway it only determines how often you crit
It's a spell, so it won't crit unless you have Savage Sortilege talent to let your spells crit, which a str/warfare build won't have. Still amazing though, as it can't miss because of being a spell.
Does lots of damage if you have high strength and/or warfare. Add in the atrophy affect which can almost completely shut down some enemies, and you have a must have for any warfare/strength melee build character.
I must agree with posters below: great damage and great rebuff. This skill also has a great range for a melee attack, meaning you can often save yourself the movement of closing in. It’s a must have for STR builds.
Doesn't miss. Good vs Uncanny Evasion
tentacle lash is OP O_O
Can anyone tell me if the damage only scales with str and level? Does points invested add to damage?
Scales by str and level only. Levelling poly only unlocks extra skills, but it does give you an extra attribute point.
And forgot about Warfare
Tentacle Lash scales off of level, strength score, and warfare. my melee two handed warrior has Tentacle Lash and at lv.16 it had a base tooltip of almost 2k before crit chance