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By Anonymous
You have to bless the blood before you start the flow from the command otherwise the blood at the end will never be blessed blood, it'll just end up being normal blood.
By Anonymous
I just completed it by blessing after the flow, and was able to complete the quest
By Anonymous
This is false you can bless it after.
By Anonymous
i have the scroll and the amulet but the latter always falls out of the panel when i put it in. What should i do?
By Anonymous
i had the same problem of amulet falling out every time i hit the button, the problem most likely is a bug, i had to use vampirism on one ghost and that charged the amulet to 5/5 charges but the quest wouldnt update to reflect it was full charges, so i had to zap another then it tells me it was already full and updates the quest then the switch will work
By bowenandarrow
I'm having this problem but zapping more people doesn't work and it says that i have opened the hatch
By Anonymous
Please be more clear on what initials spell power. Everybody have their own definitions of power.
By Anonymous
..... You can have whatever definition of power you want, but it's not gonna change the fact that it's written P.O.W.E.R
By Anonymous
The game clearly tells you to pull triggers whose first letters form the word "POWER". What's not clear about that?
By Anonymous
Here's the puzzle for russian version
Русская версия:
П (прямота) - Р (решительность) - А (авторитет) - В (воля) - О (отвага)
By Dragonking737
By Anonymous
How do i align the pipes? Ive already blessed the blood and the small stone tablets pop up but nothing moves.
By Anonymous
Pilgrim Hopeful never entered the wooden doors, so now i cant enter the meither, have all requirements necessary, any tips?
By Anonymous
Potenz - Rechtschaffenheit - Weisheit - Empathie - Befehl for german
By Anonymous
you can skip this puzzle by using someone with telekinesis to put a teleporter pyramid on the other side of the blue wall, and then create blessed fire, water, and blood in the respective spots
By Anonymous
I love you
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