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By Anonymous
A very very easy way to kill him is if you have an archer, use haste, then shoot him point blank with 'arrow spray'. When the fight start you should get a free turn from the haste. Which should kill him in his human form.
By Anonymous
Another easy way to kill him is to have someone sneak behind the doctor in stealth, damage him and start the battle. Try to take out all his physical armor before your turn is up. Use Forced Exchange (you need the stealth character to be really low on health) and boom. Dead.
By Anonymous
devs should get rid of these pre battle cheeses , you can damage your party to low health then cheese with deathwish ,forced exchange ton of buffs etc and beat enemies in 1st turn on tactician mode:)
By Anonymous
A super duper fool proof way to kill him is throw a death fog crate at him..... Boom?
By Anonymous
Tried it. Didn't affect him, nor his minions at all. They were just running through the deathfog as if it weren't there.
By Anonymous
Doesn't work and even if it did I don't understand the desire to cheese***** in this game. Takes out most of the fun to be had. And it's not like the 2nd half of the game is hard if you have any sort of competence at all.
By Anonymous
I tried it, too. Deathfog has no affect on them.
By Anonymous
So Malady should be waiting at the Black House? or will she only be there if you have Lohse with you
By Anonymous
She will only be there if you have Lohse with you I reckon. I did pretty much every quest I could as Solo Fane Tactician and she wasn't there, I had to kill Isbeil for him to send me an invitation (could just persuade my way in though but he was too strong at the time)
By Anonymous
I like how he randomly calls me Fane when we first meet, then he proceeds to call me Lohse after I refuse his deal... Neither of those characters are in my party :)
By Anonymous
Same happened to me. So did his messenger.
By Anonymous
Is there something to do at the end of the cellar where all the fish are?
By Anonymous
Also wondering about that. There is this barrel bolted to the floor with a sign on it. Jaws? But not sure what to do there.
By Anonymous
you put your teleporter pyramid in it and then you can teleport inside this base, or to the linked barrel on the beach
By Anonymous
I did a save reload during the fight (I had snuffed out the candles) and the doctor had been reduced to just under four thousand health and less than that in both types of armour.
By Anonymous
Accidentally killed him by going into sneak with Lohse, which made his turns go away.
By Anonymous
Huuuh, there is no Lahan in jail for me, nor Malady.
In jail, I get the dwarf bard from Driftwood, the poor thing wasn't in good state.
So for Lahan I guess that's because I killed the guys that the Advocate wanted dead while I didn't even encountered the Advocate at this time ( killed it right after, then reported the name to Jahan ). I guess that messed with this(?).
For malady and all this Demon's Dimension I guess it's all with Lohse quest, not the " Doctor's Order " quest itself (?).
Also, this quest is certainly the worst designed quest I did, opponent calling you randomly Fane or Lohse even without them in your party...
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