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By Anonymous
Destroy magic defense, cast shackles of pain, walk into a deathfog.
Note: If you throw death fog directly at him he is unaffected similar to Kemm and Isabel.
By Anonymous
DE honour mode, full power Adramahlikh with all of his minions. The key word here is positioning! When I first tried to attack him directly he is circling himself with his minions and turns his study room to his best advantage. He is standing on a platform and all the furnitures making all the combat manuvers very hard. You should attack from the back door. I came with my party through the basement to the doctor's torture hall next to his work room. I positioned Fane (mage), Sebille (2hd fighter) and Ifan (ranger) as an ambush. I opened the door with Loase and started the dialogue with the doctor. As the dialogue ended and the doctor shapechange into its demonic forn and summoned all his minions, I teleported him straight next to my other party members. Then Fane timewraped Sebille. Sebille onslaughted Adramahlikh ,gave him more nice critical blows (45 wits and Falone weapon) and then enraged Ifan. Ifan finished him off with well aimed lethal arrow spray.
By Anonymous
On DE Tactician (no candles, Lohse in party, no Tea, full fuffs pre-battle, all enemies present) Adramahlikh can be charmed.

I used mind maggots, so that lasted 4 turns during which Lohse was not possessed. I charmed him with a Jar of Mind Maggots halfway through Turn 2, including some of his demons. He happily eradicated everyone not charmed around him and got focused from everyone else. The catch is that his attacks will heal him, so one might want to lower his health with AoE spells so that he can be easily killed and/or have Skin Graft handy for nuking after the charm wears out.

I BELIEVE but am not sure this also breaks Lohse's possession - it might simply reset or delay it. If I recall this happens at the start of Turn 4, so if I take into account the charm timing and duration he had about two rounds after the charm ended.

My way of bringing his armor down - Greater All Resistance potions (no elemental damage), lots of water in the Doctor's room (electrified for bonus Aero AoE + affinity), Scoundrel + Skin Graft + Rancour dagger for poison damage (AP bonuses, Magic Armour reduction and CD removal led to 11k+ nuking plus Burning from Torturer for poison bonus), high crit really helps (mages has 50%, ranger 75%), I found chain/ link spells to be much more useful than 3SP spells.
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my strat for this fight was to send in assassin sebille solo and pick off all of the extras first, then send them in together and chunk mr. drama down
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the messager gives good xp treats(about 70k in DE), all you need is trapping him with chests or sleeprolls.
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By eolsunder
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74,925 XP. Or just use the normal teleport/attack method. For those that don't know, without a hard pause targeting a moving target in this game sometimes is literally impossible. On the other hand, TELEPORT is a great spell in that you can target a moving foe easy and just teleport them nearby, the falling animation gives you plenty of time to attack. This method works through the whole game on foes that run or escape after conversation with you, or move around constantly.
By Anonymous
so i just killed him in 3 rounds with clenched cheeks, necromancy and some exploding corpses. If you don't have at least two of the three then i'm afraid battle will be tough
By Anonymous
Recipe for Tactician Pizza with EXTRA CHEESE and Adramahlikh anchovies:

While in dialogue with Adramahlikh, and with that character pre-buffed with a huge fire resistance potion, have another character stack him with several Flaming Crescendo spells (I used about ten, since Adramahlikh's fire resistance was 54%). Finish dialogue, fight ensues, and Adramahlikh blows up into a charred mess as soon as he enters demonic form, taking out his assistant with him. Meanwhile, Lohse is left just standing there, and actually gained vitality because her fire resistance was over 100%. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Cheese makes it taste better!
By Anonymous
DE on PC. LV21, snuffed all candles. Doctor changed to Adramahlikh right after fight started, but didn't do anything else. I get my first move as normal, and I just slain him with my Glass Cannon + dual wielding assassin, alone, without using any item, buff or Source skill. I didn't even use all the action points from Glass Canon + Adrenaline.

The total XP I get after entering Doctor's house is 510K, from combat and completing quest; or 20% to 30% at LV21. Completing Secret of Bloodmoon Isle after exiting Doctor's house doesn't give any XP.
By Anonymous
I did this on Tactician, PC undead Knight (Fane) with maxed 2h+Warfare and some poly just about enough for apotheosis and Lohse as a ranger (no summons, just full finesse/warfare build), level 20

The XP count in this walktrough is completely overblown. I just killed him with NO candles snuffed and he gives 186k xp, the Nurses give 36k and the Nemessis adds give 52k.

Lohse didnt even get a turn after boss changed to true form. Timewarp with Green Tea Leaves and Apostheosis made a quick work of this encounter, almost laughable (I was going there pretty scared remembering the wipefests from my full party playthrough earlier).

Anyway, at most, you get around half mil XP from this (which is not terrible) but I'm not even sure if snuffing out all candles reduces the XP coz I could swear the earlier save I had WITH the candles gave same XP. I'm not sure if the XP gain was nerfed in DE (which is the one I played) but 1.5+mil for all this, nah, completely wrong.
By Anonymous
I killed the full power Adramahlihk (without putting out candles) with Ifan (Level 20) as a warrior, using "Bone Cage" and "Overpower" to destroy all his armor.
(I saw that other guys had the same idea - there was no lava around to move to his house and teleport him into lava, so "Bone Cage" and a lot of bodies was just as good, if not better because the bodies were already piled up.)

I used 30 dead bodies found near the "Arx - City Square" waypoint with the "Bone Cage" spell to increase Ifan’s armor to about 19908 points.
It wasn’t a tough fight.
I played at normal difficulty.

You should use the chicken spell with all 4 characters and an extra chicken spell to prevent Adramahlihk from possessing Lohse and ending the game.
If Adramahlihk runs away from your characters while he is in chicken form, you can use "Cloak and Dagger" with the next character that will turn him to chicken the next time his current Chicken status expires.
Your characters have to be close to him in order to turn him into a chicken.

To prevent him from moving while in chicken form, which can be annoying, use Entangle on him.
You can use the "Worm Tremor" spell with the Torturer Talent on your character(/some characters) in order to Entangle him even if he has a lot of magic armor left.

Don’t use knockdown on Adramahlihk because he will receive about 1000 armor points after he gets up from a knockdown and you can’t use fast enough another incapacitating spell on him.
(One character used "Ethereal Storm" to cover the fight scene and gave my party members some healing - but it was not vital. You can charm the Nemesis demons that accompany Adramahlihk.)

I killed all the nurses before attacking Adramahlihk because they are just annoying and die fast - I don’t know if it would make much of a difference - by teleporting them, turning them to chickens and bribing them with money to prevent fighting near Adramahlihk.
Before the fight, I also gave Lohse’s blood to Adramahlihk after making a pact with him and stole back the blood vial and other stuff with Sebille, just for some XP points.

I used 30 dead bodies found near the "Arx - City Square" waypoint with the "Bone Cage" spell to increase Ifan’s armor to about 19908 points.
Adramahlihk (aka the Doctor) has about 11120 armor points.

If you think that teleporting before a fight is cheating, you can teleport the 30 dead bodies from the waypoint all the way inside his house, but it’s WAY too slow.
Instead, just bundle up the 30 dead bodies near your character while he is in the Arx City Square, that has the "Overpower" skill and make him use "Bone Cage" just after Lohse attacks the Doctor and start a fight.
("Bone Cage" has a wide are of Area of Effect so you don't have to arrange the bodies too much).

You can also use the 30 bodies and "Bone Cage" on another character to increase it’s armor and then teleport to Lohse and the Doctor for the fight, but is not necessary.

Don’t use Overpower while Adramahlihk is in human form because after he transforms into a monster, his armor, magic armor, and health reset to full.
Overpower him after he gets uglier.

I attacked the Doctor (aka Adramahlihk) with Lohse and then I teleported Ifan, that had an armor of 19908 points, and the other 2 characters near Lohse and wiped the floor Adramahlihk.
By Anonymous
Normal difficulty shdn’t even be discussed
I solo’ed him on normal in 1 turn
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