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I can't trade with him, he just says something about me needing special invintation and then dialogue ends.
Hit the trade button before you end the dialogue
there are no trade button for u trade
Figured it out. Beast was the issue. load a save and don't let beast talk to him.
Yeah, Beast bugs this vendor still. Bribe him or something, get past in some other way. Spent like an hour trading in the square before going to Papa who got bugged. That's my sad story. So remember to save your game before you do ANYTHING in this game kids.
After he tells you that you dont need a special invitation every time, just go in... BEFORE you click the (end) dialogue... to the left of Papa Thrash's icon with his face is a TRADE button... click that
Do you know how to find Scoundrel Skill Books in Reaper's Coast when Papa Thrash is dead ?
You can find a Scoudrel skill books trader.
"you can find a scoundrel books trader" WHERE????????????
Anyone know any legit way to pass him? Without stealth, or the hole in the prison.
If you have Sebille or a main character with the Outlaw tag you can have them select that in dialogue and they will let the party through
Just use sneaking to go down. If you return to Papa he will not be angry))
In the prison dungeon of the magister house there is a cell with a corpse and spirit. There is a hidden escape hole within the cell you can notice with high wit or possibly through talking to spirit if incarcerated. This leads down to the undertavern.
Don't have a trade button. Got inside the tavern via dialogue, and now he won't trade. He just says "You want an engraved invitation every time? You know the way in..." There is no trade icon next to his avatar.
I got the same dialogue after getting access to the undertavern as well but I'm using the Xbox one wireless controller on my PC and I see the 'Y' button beside trade and when I press it I get the option to trade with Papa. Sorry not sure what key is linked to it on keyboard but shouldn't be too hard to find.
Me neither, it was Beast who bugged this dude. May be other conditions that does it as well.
Triangle at the dialogue before you end conversation Ps4
Hold it. If papa no know, you no go.
If you talk with Ifan after encountering Papa for the first time, Ifan will tell you Papa's password so you can enter.
An OUTLAW tag also is passby
For anyone who needs to go in undertavern. Just tell him you wanna bribe him, pay him 50 gold coin to go down, take the waypoint down there and ya done.
Also Sebile can use a secret handshake to make he friendly.
I'll be the proof, but it's the Outlaw action to be clear.