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you just need to kill it otside away from cursed fire
I just use tornado and rain and blood rain and muscle my way in.... *****KK it took long
this is so bugged. went into the princess dream had swornbreaker on me she attacked me without giving me the option to talk killed sadha got out of the portal and still got the achievement what the ***** is this a lot of the last questlines need some serious work
Went through the dreamscape (NO RED PRINCE IN PARTY) speech checked the dreamers to give me the key, Sahda got all pissy started to fight me and i just booked it toward the exit and go the Achievement ALL-FATHER LIFE-SHAPER as if the prince as in my party lol
You can ignore all the mobs and use scoundrel self tp to the area infront of the citizens and lockpick the door and rush to the fountain without fighting any mobs at all
the cursed revenants respawn in the cursed fire --> bless & douse
To break all the mirrors you can also use your invocation. Just cast it, control it and you can walk with it in the arena without begin the fight :)
There is a bugged necrofire up the stairs to the left when you first enter the consulate. It's inside the wall between a window and a couch. I ended up respecing to 3 in Aerothurge so I could cast tornado to remove it from the wall. Since I had engaged all four skeletons they all spawned in the room to the right of the consulate entrance. Once all the necrofire was gone it was a quick fight. As others pointed out it's probably easier to just teleport through the gate into the room just before the garden. You can use a pet to break the door if you can't pick locks and don't have the key.
This fight is significantly easier if your party has an aerotheurge expert with some basic sneak skills (actually the sneak skills may not even be necessary). You can sneak around and use tornado to remove all the cursed fire, except for some remaining in the office to the left and up the stairs of the main entrance doors.

Then cast nether swap on the revenant in that location, but outside the office so as not to aggro the revenant in the office. Then cast tornado on the remaining necrofire in the office; now you're done! Its safe to now kill the revenants. Since all the fights are 1-on-1 its particularly easy; unfortunately, you get no XP from the fights, but if you can at least use their corpses for source points.
if you remove the necrofire from the revenants with bless and then blee them again to get holy fire status you can kill them permanently