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To maximize XP in DE, wait at least one round before breaking all of the mirrors so that The Red Prince can spawn. Killing Alexandar, Malady, Windego, and The Red Prince will each grant 74,925 XP, and destroying the last mirror will grant 53,900 XP. Total XP for this encounter is 353,600 XP.
If your not interested in farming xp and winning is the name of the game, before the arena battle initiates with Alexander, send a summon to destroy all the black ring mirrors. The summon will not trigger Alexander and hence the battle initiation, so you can safely destroy all mirrors that way. Then move any player and trigger Alexander and the battle with no annoying enemy resurrections.
In DE, you can get the Summon Dragonling ability without having The Red Prince in your party after killing Sadha. It simply requires dragon form and breathing fire on the platform, so Mask of the Shapeshifter allows you to do this if you are not playing as a lizard race.
help! my principal caracter was perma marked by the cursed revenant. What can i do? I
cast bless. if that doesn't work, have the character die and get resurrected
Casting bless twice on the cursed revanents does not work. They still resurrect



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I had like 1:3 success using double bless. Sometimes they would still respawn. Ultimately I just teleported them out in front of the consulate. They have one turn to find a cursed fire or they will despawn. Even inside they despawn if the next fire is too far away.
They respawn only once ;) so you must kill them twice, second time they die permanently..
If you don't have Red Prince in your party and want to save the princess you can pickpocket (lv5) the glowing key from the dreamer and go pass the door.
As long as the dreamers are alive the princess you have an option to persuade her (lv6 required for me) you are there to help.
I had 1 character waited in the arena area, then pyramided back to the char, enter dreamers map to start a fight for exp.
If you turn into a lizard using mask of the shapeshifter, the persuasion check for the princess is lowered. Not sure by what amount.
If you teleport the cursed elements outside the consulate, that's enough to avoid them resurrecting
use tornado skill to remove necrofire (best skill in d game also removes deathfog)
Here’s the best way to gain the most EXP while getting the dragon summon at the same time (tested on DE):

1. Proceed through the quest until you get to Brahmos and the 4 dreamers. Make sure you spawn the Red Prince in the previous arena fight.
2. Obtain the key from Brahmos either by persuasion or pickpocketing. Leave one party member behind.
3. Have another party member (preferably with high persuasion) go through the door. Transform into Lizard Form using the Shapeshifter Mask and approach Sasha.
4. Pass her persuasion check and save her. You will then obtain the quest rewards and EXP. Once done talking, use Flame Breath on the egg (it was invisible to me on the pedestal but still worked).
5. The dragon king will spawn and a fight will start. Run away from the fight by sneaking and teleporting using waypoints. You will then have to travel all the way back to the Consulate and into the portal again.
6. Meet up with your other party member and kill Brahmos and the dreamers. He drops a unique blade.
7. Go through the door once more and kill Sasha and her goonies. Do not kill the dragonling.
8. Once everyone but the dragonling is dead, run away from the fight. When aggro is dropped, the dragonling will turn neutral and you can then adopt it. Make sure your character has high enough persuasion.
9. Go through the exit portal and quest will be complete.
Really good step-by-step process. Can confirm this works. You don't need Red Prince to learn Summon Dragonling, anyone can learn it.


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Definitive Edition, Honour Mode.
This method no longer works unfortunately as you can no longer way point out of the area (neither where Sadha is or where Brahma is). Teleport Pyramids don't work either. If you leave your strongest character with Brahma you can still defeat them for the xp, but unfortunately you can't flee from the battle WIH Sadha


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*You can't flee from the battle with Sadha, meaning you can't adopt the Dragonling.