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By Anonymous
Ok, so for people that are confused here are the steps if the quest bugs out (which almost happen to everyone). Because no matter how much fire you purge these damn revenants still spawn. What I think you need to do is just try to "respawn" them in such a way that you will not trigger combat while going to the garden (in the north, with big fountain). After few tries I managed to "respawn" 2 of them (one from the first room after entrance and one from the room right to it) in the "office" on the left above the entrance. Then I used "escape battle" button, came back to the same place and moved to the garden without triggering any combat (detailed "guide" how to get to the garden below)

1. You may need a key which is in "the office" (room on the left above you as you enter). I say "may" because I managed to do get it and didn't check if the first doors later can be lockpicked (probably yes, lvl 5 thievery is probably required).
2. This key unlocks door in the room on right from entrance. Then you have second locked door to the garden. I don't know if there is any key for them but you can lockpick them (thievery lvl 5 I think).
3. In the garden there is a portal which for me it disapperead as I came close by it. After using spirit vision it appeared.
4. You will be teleported to strange arena. There you will have to fight shades of Malady, Bishop, Windego (once Shadow Prince spawned but dunno why). However, they will not appear immiediately, only after you move from the centre.
5. They will spawn even after their death, to beat the encounter you will have to break all the mirrors in the arena and then magical door will appear. Now here is a little trick which will make very difficult fight, a trivial one. If u have range character (crossbow, I didnt check with bow) you will be able to destroy all mirrors without leaving a centre of the arena (so before fight begins). You need to manipulate some angles and destroy some things but it's 100% possible. After that just move toward the door and when fight begins just move one character to the door and whole party will be ported out.
6. There you just talk with ppl etc. I don't want to spoil it for you but there will be no more riddles or fights.

I hope this will help someone!
By Anonymous
I think it happens because some objects are on fire. For me it was a door they kept spawning on it till it broke :D
By Anonymous
There is an easier way. Use the character with the best mobility (in my case a ranger with Spread your Wings and Tactical Retreat) and use him to get into the fountain (either by snatching the keys or by lockpicking) and drop a pyramid.
Flee the combat, regroup and teleport inside.

Just be sure to be prepared, the shadows hit like a few trucks duct taped together and they WILL spam CC.
By Anonymous
As I said earlier you can cheese fight inside the portal by destroying all mirrors before. You need to find ring angles but it's possible. After destroying them door will spawn and even in combat you can enter them.
By Anonymous
If you have no ranger class you can also summon an Incarnate and he can freely move around the room to destroy the mirrors and he will not start combat.
By Anonymous
You can phoenix dive past the other entrance of the consulate thats blocked by rubble. After one member is through, use the pyramid to get the rest of the party through and lockpick your way into the portal area.
By Anonymous
Can you revive someone when 3 in your party left for the door and the other one stayed behind and died?
By Anonymous
Yes. As long as you leave one party member behind (Not chained to the rest of your party, and not standing near the portal otherwise they'll be sucked in too) you can safely go in and suicide the mirrors. Your dead party members will be teleported outside of the portal near your last party member.

Currently doing this on Honour Mode and it makes this so much easier. Escapist talent also helps a lot for ranged characters.

Make sure you have high Initiative, especially on higher difficulties, as some of their damaging abilities can hurt upwards of 2000 (or 8000, if they use Grasp of the Starved while you're in blood) on honour mode. Basically, instant wipe.
By Anonymous
Is it to proceed the quest without the Red Prince in the party? ( when ever i engage with the princess she attacks me)
By Anonymous
Same problem here. Don't have Red Prince in my party, everything went smoothly until I met Sadha the Red Princess. As soon as I got in range she runs up to me and accuses me of killing the dreamers, which I didn't because I was able to persuade them to give me the key.
By Anonymous
This just needs to be patched immediately. Thankfully you can always use AP to flee a flight (for some of us). This Cursed Revenant encounter takes the average functioning brain maybe 30 minutes to figure out why they aren't dying.

"maybe i should bless them"

"maybe i should bless the cursed fire"

"maybe i need to bless them, and the necrofire"

"maybe i need to put out any surrounding fire whether it be cursed or not"

"maybe i need to do all the above with the combination of other various spells, etc"

It becomes pretty overwhelming.

You've exhausted all possible solutions 30-40 minutes later and they're still respawning, and not only are they still respawning. But they'll respawn across the map to any active cursed fire hazard. Whether it's visible to the player or not. This is a massive game breaking bug, because some players can actually be locked in perpetual combat with the revenants if they cast certain spells, i.e "rain". This entire issue is compounded by the fact that all 4 revenants will usually end up in the same spot due to the teleporting to necrofire glitch, and since they all have the ability to cast even more necrofire it becomes a massive dog and pony show.
By Anonymous
You don't have to fight them, it's not game breaking just leave them alone.
By Anonymous
I wasted so much time trying to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. Turns out that I did everything right but due to the bug you were talking about, they just kept respawning. I can't believe they missed this. Yes you can just avoid them but this is just bad considering this game pats itself on the back for offering multiple ways of doing the quests.
By Anonymous
they respawn only if they have necrofire debuff so u can bless them outside fire and kill them
By Anonymous
Absolutely incorrect.
By Anonymous
Amm first thing u can bless them and remove the cure second thing u can just use teleportation to get mirror in the middle and then quickly destroy them :) Thank me late
By Anonymous
Biggest thing that helped me (takes a while) is connect all the cursed fire together so you don't miss any of it and then bless it all in one go. They have no where to spawn and they will die.
By Anonymous
Just go right (solo thief, dont even bothe sneaking) and open 2 doors leading to fountain (my thievery =7). Before I was even close to 1st door the enemy spotted me so i just tried to run away and close the door behind me. 1st door was destroyed by enemy aoe spell but i succesfully managed to open 2nd door (leading to garden), close them and move away to the fountain. During 2nd turn fight automatically ended becouse i was too far and line of sight broken. My movement =6.4 but it's easy to use movement skills to go faster.
There are 2 secrets in garden (top stairs behind screen and from same point teleport someone to beach to find legendary weapon near dead voidvoken).
After that use spirit vision go inside portal. Inside 1st location destroy all mirrors, and then kill enemies. I found there 1 weapon on the ground (alt wont work to highlight).
2nd location - use teleport to dig chest (piramids wont work). In 3rd location use red prince fire breath on egg to get new summon skill (somehow it didnt work for me). In this place is also another location with portal but i have no idea how to get there - anyone can help ?
By Anonymous
I have been googling for about an hour straight for a way to get into that room with the portal. It's driving me insane.
By Anonymous
yes,me same same
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