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By pnutmnms
At first I was getting my a** kicked so I quit the game toward the end of the battle as it was clear my 2 person team was gonna die anyway. When I restarted, the game started right at the beginning of the battle as expected, except Karon had no armor? I swear he had armor the first time. Anyway, made the fight a helluva lot easier!
By Anonymous
Wait, he said he'd meet me at Lucian's grave?! This is not what is mentioned here? Curve call from walkthrough lmao
By Anonymous
I teleported him outside the cage and he said "attacking a child?, that's dark" LMAO
By Anonymous
Easy fight on any kevel. Place a barrel or a crate on a ledge above him. Start the fight. Shoot the crate. He'll drop dead and you still can loot for great crossbow and get the xp
By Anonymous
Had the same issue as below, well it made the fight much easier.
By Anonymous
Somehow had the Karon guy same hp as the child when he was caged. I believe the bug is replicated by initiating the fight and loading the nearest autosave.....

By Anonymous
Its the poster here. Wondering if anyone had the same bug
By Anonymous
Same effect here . Just reloaded and hp with 0 armors .
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