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What happens if you dont free him and someone else did, will you see him again?
Nothing, if you leave location he just dissapearing, without any clues what to do next.
Weirdly enough that's what I did, I left the room and Karon was gone so I fireball the 5 things (just because) and it summoned him there and then.
he appears before the Kemm mansion and attacks you once he sees you, though after i killed him it corrupted all my saves and i lost like 3-4 hours of progress
If you don't free him and summon him by way of igniting the candles, he will appear alone to fight you, and next time you go near the front of Kemm's mansion, you can find only his minions (kid doesn't appear again).
You can teleport him out.
I don't understand why leaving the room suddenly means he's free. It makes no sense.
Someone from your party very clearly states that the paladins found him. Why do you think there's so much blood?
If you not break the cage but attack the boy in cage,he will free by himself and attack you.
Having trouble getting into the room where the boy in the cage is. apparently i need a key and have no idea where to look. Lockpicking not high enough to get in either.
Same here...
quest is bugged as hell. left the room without freeing him and then went back into the room. journal updated saying he escaped. Then i lit the plate/torch things anyway and he just appeared saying "thanks for freeing me idiot" and then i killed him. quest complete. ok.
That's not bugged. He was out, but still technically bound by the magic. Now you fully released him.
I found two ways to cheese this fight. The first circumvents all combat, the other makes it much simpler. Go all the way to the boarded door. Light the pyres by way of an explosive toy. Teleport the child near you. Kill him without resistance, reap xp for quest completion. No risk whatsoever. If you do want to fight him, break the boards on the door, engage him in dialogue with one char, teleport him behind the door and shut it on him. Finish the dialogue, he will miss his first turn. Then nuke and cc him to death, then finish off his four weaker assistants. Both ways allow this to be done much simpler.
Can confirm. This tactic is the cream cheese. Just place two of your guys (preferably close range melee) behind the boarded door by the steps, put your third in good distance to teleport, and have your 4th throw the fireball to initiate the conversation. Then move your teleporter to the now-crowded room and shut the door. End the conversation and gangbang Karon.
Legit just out a dethfog crate on the summoning thing then shoot a fireball to light them and break the crate at the same time EZ
On this floor there is a locked door with planks on it. How do you open it and where does it lead to?
Attack the planks. Once they are Destroyed, the door unlocks. It leads to secret room behind a stone door in the prison. The stone door reappeared for me, despite recalling finding the latch that opens the stone wall. However, it appears that you can walk through the stone wall door as if it were an illusion if earlier unlocked but appears to be closed again.
Hit it with spells or arrows, using melee weapons will get them damaged.