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I need to fill this with source, according to a quest.. but how??
I have this same peoblem
The NPCs related to this item explain it to you. Wear the amulet, then go drain Source as you normally would. It only charges if your personal Source pool is full.
Thank you Anonymous with the point out of only storing into amulet when source is full. This worked. Also, if you saved up "Source Orbs" you can basically clicky a few of them to fill it up, too.
To fill the amulet with Source, take it to the source vat in Linder Kemm's vault, where you rescued Arhu. Keep using and infusing yourself with Source, after you hit your max, the amulet will start absorbing it.
wield the amulet and use source vampirism on bodies to charge the amulet easily
Is there a way to get a second ring or are we stuck with one?