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By Anonymous
Red tearstone ring + power within breaks this game lmao
By Anonymous
you can go even further, both affect magic, so you can apply the dusk crown and the dragoncrest ring. This includes pyromancy
By Anonymous
so this is pretty much unlock your brain limiters and use your body at 100% while destroying it kinda thing
By Anonymous
Why is the icon for the buff a blue shield with an arrow pointing up? That icon implies you have better armor or better blocking, but the buff basically does the opposite; it makes you more fragile.

These are the thoughts you have while farming
By Anonymous
this is disgustingly powerful and non balanced. its awesome.
By Anonymous
"Pyromancy of Carmina, who harnessed the power of flame to actualize the inner-self." I like this as it nods to the idea that the spell isn't 'applying a buff' on you, its a way to gain access to your true power.
By Anonymous
The name of the spell reinforces your idea.
By Anonymous
This is incredible for a spell that takes absolutely zero investment aside from finding a pyro flame on a non-magic character
By Anonymous
Or just find the spell with a pyromancer character
By Anonymous
Imagine if you were a havel and could combine this with wolf ring and stoneflesh
absolute nightmare
By Anonymous
This, combined with the effect of Elizabeth's Mushroom, would be super overpowered ultra berzerk mode if it was possible.
By Anonymous
Fortunately, both are self buffs, meaning that You can't have both active at the same time
By Anonymous
Had some blue turtle pop this. I could have probably backstabbed him but instead I r2d him twice with my silver tracer. Ah, the sweet joy of watching someone panic in the face of a slow and inevitable death. If you cast this just hope you don't get toxic.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I know I’m late to the party by many years, but all I have to say is this

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