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By Anonymous
LET'S ****ING GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
"I've got the powers within
Running through me
My favorite color is "oh my god, *****"
I'm wearing black gloves through your mall, I'm rich
You wanna check my pockets but
I've got the powers within"
By Anonymous
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Definitely the best pve spell in the game (ok maybe second to dark beads) because it can fit on any build and buff any damage. It is more dangerous in pvp though, because players will take advantage of the health drain
By Anonymous
Will the Spell get Better if I upgrade my Flame?
By Anonymous
I just tested with with basic flame and +8 flame and it does the same flat 40% damage increase so it doesn't matter what your flame level is.
By Anonymous
DON'T SAY THAT! Holy crap man, that is one thing you don't joke around with, devs might be listening...
By Anonymous
Is it compatible with the Dragon Stone roar buff? The article seems to imply no, but has anyone tested it?
By Anonymous
It compatibles, look at yt "one shoting every boss"
By Anonymous
can you die using this, or does it automatically stop at 1 hp? haven't bothered trying it yet
By Anonymous
Yes, you can die from it
By Anonymous
It's about to be power without you being alive in a moment : 3
By Anonymous
fantastic spell in PvE, I use it to demolish bosses by casting it before crossing the fog or shortly after, depending on the situation it might not be worth it. keep in mind it drains 1% hp during 100 seconds so having at least 1 estus is a must. against certain foes the health drain might not be worth it, especially things like dark or silver knighs or giant guards against whom the fights might take a while.
By Sakerift
Black and Silver knights are some of the easiest enemies in the game as you can easily parry them.
By Anonymous
I have only one lord soul left to collect but I still don't want to go near them
By Anonymous
Giant guards take a while?...wait, I just hit them 3 times with "combustion" and they die (normal ones for normal guards, augmented one for special guards inside Amor London's main hall)
By Anonymous
This pyromancy is amazing I don't how I would defeat Kalameet and Artorias without it
By Anonymous
try dodging next time lmao
By Anonymous
"try dodging next time lmao"
By Anonymous
Hey, 04 May, you don't know what build the lad's using. This buff may not be the most necessary for a melee build with the right weapons, it (along with bellowing dragoncrest ring and Dusk crown) is what makes a sorcery run of those bosses fesible. Especially on ng when you don't have Abyss sorceries yet.
By Anonymous
08 sept as a mage artorias is really easy even without power within
By Anonymous
At 35 Vitality and Ring of FaP I have 1459 hp. Power Within ticks 14hp per second. Leaving me at 73/1459 hp at the end of the duration.

However, with the Lingering dragoncrest ring, the hp drain was the same at 14hp but I ended up with 59/1459 hp at the end of the duration. While the dragoncrest ring will boost it's duration and tick slightly slower, it can also tick one time extra.
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