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By Anonymous
I don’t think I would have got through Four Kings on NG+6 without Power Within.
By Anonymous
Hell i wouldnt have gotten past them on NG without it
By Anonymous
3rd bullet point under “Usage”

Someone please correct “divideable” to “divisible”
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Why use Black Flame on Giant Dad when you can cast Power Within and pwn even more casuls with Bass Cannon?
By Anonymous
because giant dad is a min max build, and doesn't care about damage out put per say. It cares about being able to counter most builds. Great Combustion does just stupid stamina damage and lets you guard break easily
By Anonymous
Great pyromancy to cast before casting Dark Bead...
By Anonymous
tip for my one-shot dudes out there, if you pair the sanctus shield while having 10 vit + being cursed + dusk ring, the hp loss of this pyro gets nullified by the regen of the shield!
By Anonymous
I have 40/40/50 on my str/dex/faith. My zweihander +15 with darkmoon blade has more than 1000 AR. So if i also use this, i would practically have 1400 AR which is quite impressive
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Tell us more
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This thing + Crystal Magic Wapon is basically easy mode.
Even the broken sword its viable with this
By Anonymous
Literally Dark Souls Kaioken
By Anonymous
Or Might Guy's Hachimon
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