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By Anonymous
During difficult fights, I have Fane use time warp on my mage with skin graft skill who also does the highest damage. Works well.
By Anonymous

Time Warp & Apotheoses is the most powerful Combo in the game.

When combined with Adrenaline, Flesh Sacrifice, Haste, and skin Graft You can get up to 16AP with unlimited source points (AND THAT'S NOT ON A LONE WOLF RUN). You'll have to spend 3 AP on Apotheoses, and Skin Graft so effectively 13, but if you're really smart, and use Elemental Affinity effectively, you can stretch that already absurd 13 AP EVEN FURTHER.

The Build will cost you an insane amount of Memory. But With Sebille gaining Rooted, and Mnemonic; it's doable. Especially if you have Lohse in your group and she gives Sebille the Summon Inner Demon Skill-book, that's a +6 INT for 1 AP on a character that can now cast every powerful source skill in effectively one turn.