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59 strength is NOT enough to persuade Gareth to stand down.
i use 7 persuade + 40 memory/67 str and its not enought to persuade
How in the world do you have 40 memory and 67 str? What level are you? I don't think I have that amount of stat points TOTAL at level 17
Some people choose to play as Lone Wolf, which will increase your stats greatly.
WTF wrong with this quest?
Tried with 73str/46 memory + 7 persuade and it didnt work.... Mb it is bcz i comlete quest with his parenth by killing Magister and after that he became a bad guy... I wasted on that **** more than one hour and nothing workout
66 strenght, 100 attitude and 2 persuade did nothing either..
Is attitude ever relevant when you're trying to persuade?
no idea, just had to try something, gave Gareth 5k gold to get him to 100 but didnt matter at all :/
4 persuade and 30 intelligence worked for me
How? what kind of character did you use?
please give some more info!
Wait, really? Intelligence isn't even a relevant stat for me.
I finaly made it work! seems the strenght one doesnt work no matter how high stat you have..
I used Ifan and the Memory one, 10 Memory and 5 persuade and told Gareth that he could still honor his fathers promise and it worked! Try it guys!
Really? It still failed for me, even with 38 memory and 7 persuade on The Red Prince.
Where does Gareth go after I killed Alexander?
I cannot find him at all.
I joined the battle straight away lol did not like the magisters one bit so I joined in on the revenge.
Did break a number of quests though because I did also kill Sallow Man but neither of these quests close now.
From what I heard he actually forms the covenant with the god-king and attacks you in the end if you don't side with him. Can't confirm cuz I persuaded him out of it.
Tried it with about 13 str and 5 persuade and it worked. My guess is you have to persuade him to chill out during the previous act also?? Or my game is bugged lol
13 str is pitiful why would you expect to pass the check
That doesn't matter at all. Persuasion skill is 100x more important than stat level