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By Anonymous
In the harbor pre-battle, if you want a safe way to save the prisoners you can run around to the back door (the guards won't aggro) and teleport each Black Ring prisoner to safety. The magisters will (disappointingly) not react to it at all. You can then initiate the battle without worry of the prisoners dying or getting mass shackled, assuming you want to save them :P.

Additionally, you can place the massive amounts of oil barrels all throughout the building and harbor and watch the fireworks :D
By Anonymous
The mass shackles is an infinte-range cast that doesn't require line of sight. The prisoners get shackled anyways.
By Anonymous
They will get targeted no matter what, however I've been messing around with this and I've found that if you teleport the prisoners out, then separate them so they're not squashed together, the mass shackles of pain for some reason only applies to one of them. In my scenario I had one on the docks near the boat and the other two at the southern crane, only the one by himself got affected.
By Anonymous
The range isn't infinite, just very far. I teleported them all the way to the beach and they didn't get mass-shackled at all.
By Anonymous
I've killed the eternal, looted everything and left. But when I went back to the Paladin checkpoint nothing happened and the quest is stuck. Any ideas or is it bugged?
By Anonymous
I have the same issue, bump?
By Anonymous
yeah i have the same fricking issue
By Anonymous
ah ok i fixed it now
you need to go to the harbour to get the rest of the proof
its directly opposite the mine entrance
By Anonymous
What's the use of the War-Owl Whistle? The Paladin gives it to you and seems to expect you to use it but apparently you don't?
By Anonymous
Same situation...
By Anonymous
After defeating the eternal, go outside and use the whistle - gives you extra exp. They'll still attack the bridge even if you don't send it.
By Anonymous
Will I need The Black Ring Prisoners after the battle? I did the technique of teleporting them out (because I advanced to that section without Source Vampirism, I didn't end up taking the Shriekers on the docks out). After I finish the battle and go to the beach, all three walk straight into the Shriekers. Will they be present later in the story? Don't mind the spoilers, just want to know before advancing on without them.
By Anonymous
No, they are not that important.
By Anonymous
Has anyone not told or killed the paladins so the news never reach Arx? Does it change anything?
By Anonymous
Is it possible to get that added fire damage skill vorrh uses?
By Anonymous
Magister Reimond fled at the start of the battle with full health/armor, I guess cause I closed the door to make whoever goes through first waste a turn. Anyone know if he pops up somewhere else or is just gone?
By Anonymous
The eternal fight on hard mode is *******, 2 turns and 3 deaths... with guys on 16 level, against 14, good luck on honour mode.
By Anonymous
not as hard as you'd think, especially with Fane. You can also respec to Glass cannon for 6ap. for the Eternal stalkers, their magic armor isn't that high, you can easily use an aoe then polymorph into medusa to petrify them. I use time warp from Fane for this combo. Then all you need to do is burst Aternal down and use chicken claw on her. And you get the rest. I haven't tried honour mode so this trick MAY NOT work for that mode. (All my characters has at least 2 points in polymorph)
By Anonymous
did it lvl 13 in Lone Wolf. 1 Ranger and 1 Mage
By Anonymous
You can sneak in and out cave entrance without fighting Anna
By Anonymous
Or you could use thievery to rob her blind and then aggro her by clicking on the tunnel or allowing her to search you to kill and get XP.
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