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You don't need to loot the mine to complete this. Once you defeat Vorrh and Reimond and free the Black Ring guys, just use the war owl whistle and return to the Paladin Checkpoint.
Sometimes when killing Reimond he goes into a long tirade saying something like "This isn't over!" and a bunch of other stuff. Other times he just falls dead.
use source vampirism, which is learnt in the Powerful Awakening quest. Be careful not to approach from the front; teleporting behind them. Really does not work.
Using Cloak and Dagger instead of teleport to get behind the Shriekers works. Does not break sneaking
on the docks go around the back and kill the one guy there. he won't fight back or agro the others so after killing him, go thru the door and start the encounter. It doesn't take much for Reimond to run for the boat like a b*tch so this is the best way to prevent his escape. he has some good loot so stun/freeze/teleport him. Cryo Stasis on the only Black Ring guy that matters after the other guy shackles them all.
Get your main character to start the conversation with Reimond and Vorhh. Teleport all Black Ring to the dock. Then, with our other characters, teleport both magisters all the way to the Blackpit Mine entrance. They’ll all still be locked in conversation. Then, go back to the room with your main character and end the conversation to start a fight with the hounds and watchers, but without the magisters (lock the door to delay the watcher near the docks). After that easy fight, you can go back to the mine entrance to face the magisters alone. The only thing you need to be wary of is the Shackles of Pain being cast, otherwise it’s a relatively easy fight.
At the docks, Reimomd and Vorhh killed all the black ring members then Reimonds ******** ran off in the ship.