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I didn't have any Quartermistress Anna where she's supposed to be (At the entrance of the mines), where could she be exactly if not there ? Inside the mines ? Or did I kill her some place else ? Can she be outside somewhere else ?
She disappears after you trigger the clusterfck voidwoken fight on the Gwydian Rince event (he's hanging tied up on top of the tower, On The Ropes quest). So it's best to talk/trade/rob/kill her before triggering that.
The other response tells me this too late. This is my fault for initiating the hanag quest at level 9...
She disappeares along with at least two other magisters in front of the building where Reimond and Vorrh are located. However, when you approach the building where the black ring prisoners are held, you will still get a quest log update that you heard two white masters talking, even though they aren't there anymore. Kinda buggy
Actually I could never find those "two white magisters" mentioned in journal before OR after the Jonathan fight.
Well if you want to fight on harbor without using teleportation on prisoners, you can cast your own shackle of pain on those prisoners to break Mass Shackle Of Pain (Need to cast 3 times). I got whole team with this skill so Mass Shackle Of Pain isn't really a big deal.
i've been to the blackpits harbor, and kill the two white magisters BEFORE meeting paladin Thorn,
now the quest is bug, i already have all the proofs, but can't send the war owl
i can't tell him directly what i discover.. shamefull bug
Well. I just teleported the black ring people out of the building. Then I killed Vorrh. One the prisoners were free, they attacked me. Not sure if that's an update or what. But if that's always the case, I say let them die. Ungratful bastards
I tried the teleport trick, and the Magister's Mass Shackle of Pain affected the Black Ring NPCs even though they were about a screen's length away from the building. If you try that, move them farther.
The relic won't give me the Faceripper recipe. I've tried with elf and undead.
If Vorrh is charmed during his first acting turn he will fire the MSOP spell but it will fizzle. I recommend magical nade/arrow followed by charm nade/arrow on your highest WIT character.
Rather than teleporting the prisoners, alternatively you could teleport the two white magisters away and gang up on them before moving in to rescue the prisoners.

Make sure to teleport them, especially Vorrh, far away from the warehouse so he won't hit the prisoners with shackle of pain. The location near the talking turtle would be ideal .
(they are both talking so the fight won't be triggered immediately by teleporting them) .
am I the only one who didn't think to bother saving the prisoners but barricaded the docks so the magister couldn't get on the boat and do god knows what other than deprive me of his loot and xp? and even then a watcher broke the packages after 2 turns. Bring some method of immobilization. Spider legs are wonderful.