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By Anonymous
If you are playing a Sworn character here is another way to get out of the God Kings curse that lets the queen live. Playing DE with Fane (Sworn) and Beast, lone wolf build.

I placed a Pyramid outside in Arx, split the party, let Beast walk in Isbeils trap, teleported Fane to Beast for the fight but teleported Fane out again just before the last NPC died. The conversation with the god king didn’t trigger. Fane is safe to come back until you fumble with the deathfog machine, so I got him out again for that part.

This will probably work if the whole party gets trapped by Isbeil and the Sworn character is teleportet out before the fight ends, didn’t try it though.
By Anonymous
Tested it playing DE with Fane (sworn) 4 party. As long, you run or tp away before the fight ends, no debuff from God king. I did even come back and talked to the dwarf queen, but if you touch the deathfog machine as long Fane(sworn) is there, the Godking will appear. If you have secured the machine with another Teammate, while Fane was away, it is safe to go back and God king won't appear.
By LuckyBunny
Can i spare her and then kill in Kemms mansion to get additional experience?
By Anonymous
Yes, but not sure if she is needed for any future events
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