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By Anonymous
i cant find Justinia after killing Isbeil. Where is the queen?
By Anonymous
I found her in lord Kemms house 2nd floor in the kids room i think
By Anonymous
the queen is at kemm house 2nd floor
By Anonymous
Is the only option to kill queen Justinia? I have spoken to her and got no other option to close out the quest
By Anonymous
Crazy fight at the end, the last remaining dwarf destroys a crate of Deathfog and kills 2 of my guys instantly!
By Anonymous
the dwarves destroy deathfog crates near the exit so when justinia walks out she dies even though I let her live... great
By Anonymous
simply hillarious
By Anonymous
The same exact thing happened to me. Now the quest still remains open. A bug i guess?
By Anonymous
If you leave Justinia alive the quest does not close it just hangs until you go kill her very poor quest writing with the only option to finish the quest being killing her....
By Anonymous
It closed for me when I left her alive.
By Anonymous
That's not a problem with the writing, it's one of many bugs in the journal system. The quest is still completed, you still get the rewards, it still affects the story. It just doesn't say "closed".
By Anonymous
Is there any other way to open the "Suspicious Looking Hole in the Wall" besides lockpicking?
By Anonymous
Just click it
By Anonymous
So, I can't get to queen Justinia because deathfog is blocking the illusionary door. Anyway to get through deathfog?
By Anonymous
you have to use the door on the left not the right one the right one leads you to a trap
By Anonymous
Hm, I appear to have done everything for this quest but it will not marked closed. I found Justinia after the whole ordeal, but then nothing. Still open too
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