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I have read that finesse could increase the chance, but I am not sure if it is true. Then used Sebille, my Scoundrel + Scholar, charmed Encourage and ate the + finesse food, and then chose the options: steady, tweezers, slowly. And it worked. However, it is possible that the selection is Random.
[Scholar] ur way into the celler, then talk to the doctor again, saying that u notice something more, then just do damage and knock her out.. then wait for the good doctor to come back and assist you, always choose the slower option and twizers and ask doctor for help :) and success complete :)
it is based on finesse. i tried with my highest finesse char and it instantly worked.
No it is not based on finesse. I did it with 10 finesse.


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Hello, managed to do this mission by simply removing natalie's armor then using a charm arrow (not knowing about alla this XP i lost).

Also I was able to perform the surgery with my 10 finesse mage and without the help of swan by chossing "Open her skull with a hammer" "Select a pair of delicate tweezers and gently try to remove the maggot", and finally "Slowly close up the wound.


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I approached her with the Red Prince who I had playing as my tank, since he had the scholar tag. (40+ strength and only 10 finesse)

After the fight, she was very low on health so I used my healer to top her off (while the red prince was in dialog). From that point I failed at least a dozen times to save her. I had accidentally advanced the dialog after the fight and my game auto-saved over the previous save and I couldn't undo it in anyway (I didn't want to go back to my previous manual save which was 2 hours prior). I tried anything and everything at my disposal, and nothing would work. I even tried killing my tank who was in the conversation with her, in hopes that I could reset the dialog, however you cannot damage them when they are talking to another npc.

I did finally figure it out after about 30 minutes of messing about. I used "Peace of Mind" on my tank, which raised his finesse by 3 and other attributes. The surgery was a success! I absolutely love this game and this was such a stressful moment for me, because I am trying (in this play through) to save as many people as I can.
There's a neat way to defeat the demons I used.
1. Initiate the fight.
2. Retreat with all characters to the house.
3. Select only your rogue.
4. Descend down the hatch.
5. On closest emotion use: Sawtooth Knife, Backstab, adrenaline, (some other armor piericng attack), invis.
6. Retreat to the top.
7. Repeat.

The demons have very high protection but very low health, armor-piercing greandes might also help. I'm playing on tactitian.
When I used Sebille (35 finese rogue) and picked the exact same options, the girl died. When I used other characters like Fane (mage), she lived.... Umm..
How is she supposed to be weakened? I killed all her fears and downed her to 10 hp, knock down, charmed and all, but she just keeps on fighting.
I did it. Apparenly you have to start the fight with a scholar speaking with the healer.
I used my characters soul bond to weaken her after killing her fears off first.
When I was fighting her she randomly slipped on some oil or ice and was knocked out when she fell. Should work if you can generate the surfaces around her without killing her.
Easiest way - chloroform from scoundrel, her magic armor isn't that high - break it a bit and finish it off with chloroform which set sleep as well