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Anyway to do this if you don't have the scholar tag? Seems kind of stupid to not allow loremaster or a character with high enough intelligence to lock you out from a ship character and 3 freaking quests.
I heard the red prince should be able to. I haven't tested it though.
None I have found. And yes, it's complete *******.
Try hiring some mercenaries. Some might have that tag.
Nope. None of the mercs have any tags aside from male/female and their race. No way to add a scholar tag on any of them as well, or on my character (currently doing a Lone Wolf gameplay). This sucks.
If, like me, you put your extra bars on top of the forge and it destroyed them after crafting one lever, a Silver Glass can also be used to forge a lever. Not sure where I got mine, but thinking it was in Ryker's manor.
Did you actually put the cups ontop of the forge, or went into the crafting menu at the forge and combines two silver cups?
Hey, i did all the vaults already, but for some reason i cant find the archive. Im at the right spot, but the hatch never shows, any suggestions?
It means your Wits is not high enough. At least 20 is required I think.
you need at least 22+ in wits
cast clear minded on your highest wit char
Just use your shovel are the place. No character wits needed. Yours is enough
BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CAT? I don't want to leave such a good willed cat behind ;-; She even says such sad things about looking for the girl, that she can still smell her so she must be nearby ;_______;
The second one is bugged for me its tels me to leave. 1.tried to talk first and then lever, 2.lever first and then talk, 3.consume the spirit. cant get in anyone know what is going on maybe something I am missing


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I had to make sure that the person who was doing the crafting was the person with the lever in their inventory. It won't work if it's another character even though you can see the lever in the crafting menu.
There are more silver bars at the end of the dock near the unfinished hatch.
"Alternatively, the better option is simply to save the dwarf from possession. The trick here is simply use one of your party members and continuously damage the dwarf's HP, but not kill him. It is probably recommended to cast healing spells on him so that he doesn't die. You will know its working as he keeps getting knocked down. Keep hitting him until he doesn't get knocked down anymore, then destroy the pillars."

Don't work Asholes!
Just did this... I just beat the dwarf down to low health about 4 times, then healed him back up, then killed the pillars. The demon came out of him right away and he survived. It was easy to one round kill the demon with the scoundrel source ability mortal blow from invisibility
So you're inept and an "ashole".
Yes it does, took me quite a few times though - he still seems possessed, but doesn't knock down any more - then when you destroy the 4 chains - the demon exits the dwarf & the fight begins.
In the second vault, you should use your character with the levers in his inventory in order to correctly fix it, dunno why the magical pockets dont work on this one.
How much intelligence I need to pursuade the cat?