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Button is OUTSIDE the house in the yard.
thanks, that bed was driving me nuts
So uh... I kind of stole his wand before hand and now I don't see him inside of his lab at all haha...
Wait, where's the wand? You have to pickpocket Dorian?
This quest wont start for me, tried loading back to previous saves etc. He just talks about the wedding.
I think when talking to Dorian Gall you need a character with the [villain] tag and choose the [villain] option in conversation to get the quest.
broken questline? I have the diary but no dialog opens with father. Daughter ignores you and no quest was ever given from groom
Bugged quest.
Button is no longer on the outside but rather insider next to the fireplace
The dialogue to start the 'contract killing' quest is only available if you have the 'villian tag'.
Same for me lol.
In my game the button was not next to the fireplace it was at the other side of the window (were the trash is) behind a barrel that you have to move
Quest bugged out for me. When returning to his basement laboratory to turn on Dorian, he simply vanishes after the "string of grenades' line plays. No combat initiates, nothing resolves.