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By Anonymous
Where is the link for the actual Bull Rush skill that the Bull Horns give you? What is this amateur hour?
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There are people who spend a lot of time and work for this wiki. Have more respect please.
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Did you get hit with Blinded? haha I am funny
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Probably my favorite choice of starting ability for a few reasons.

Casting bull horns itself costs no AP and gives you 1 retribution. So even if you have no need to use the granted bull rush ability you can gain 5% damage reflect as free action. While 5% reflect is not going to make or break you most times, and I'd recommend saving it for a Bull Rush turn in most instances so your not left hanging in the 2 turn window you can't have it up, it can be useful to finish off some low health enemies you know will attack you and you won't have the AP to deal with this turn.

The granted Bull Rush ability has a 1 turn cooldown. You didn't read that wrong, you can use it every turn for 4 turns. You can move through allies, enemies and destructibles like crates and chests in a straight line up to 12 meters long. Add in the fact that you'll hit and damage all enemies in the path while leaving allies untouched it allows you to be fairly AP efficient if you find yourself out of range of your other abilities or facing a wall of enemies that would take extra AP to move around.

Lastly Bull Rush deals pure damage. This means it will deal damage directly to vitality regardless how much physical or magical Armour enemies hit have. Did the low health enemy you plan on finishing off regain a lot of armour through spells and items before your turn? No problem. Bull Rush doesn't care. However this can be a bit of a double edged sword at times. Since it won't damage physical armour, it's incapable of applying it's bleed condition if the target has even 1 point of physical armour remaining prior to your attack. While this can normally be solved with another ability or a plain old swing of the axe, when using the ability to close space to engage a fresh target you cannot bleed them.
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By WelcomeBack
If only a skill like this existed that also scaled with Finesse... You could use this to backstab and take executioner instead of pawn.
By Anonymous
Now does scale off of your weapon based stat (ie finesse if equipping a finesse based weapon)
By Anonymous
As of the most recent update, this skill no longer deals pure damage, but regular physical damage.

In my opinion, that's a huge buff.
By Anonymous
does this skill function the same as battery ram, except with bleeding instead of knock down effect?
By Anonymous
It's very similar, but the damage is different. Battering Ram is dependent on your weapon damage, but Bull Rush only scales with level and strength.
By Anonymous
false or changed, rull rush depence on weapon now. looks like around 75% weapon damage with 1 turn cooldown. though knock down is more usefull, but this is spamable a dependable movement aoe skill.
By Anonymous
Bull Rush deals more damage, inflicts bleed instead of knockdown, and can be used every turn.
By Anonymous
Excellent skill, strong throughout the game. It has never left my bar on a melee fighter. Better than blitz attack if 2 targets r close together. Great for catching up to an enemy that is 1AP movement away, as u can do pretty good dmg to the target AND end up right next to them for just 2AP.
By Anonymous
Can someone tell me how bull rush procs sparking swings? It isn't for me when I cast sparking on myself and bulll rush enemies who are right next to each other.I have a staff equiped
By Anonymous
Bull Rush > Battering ram, Fite me
By Anonymous
Deal element damage when equipped with wands or staff. Bleed can process with torturer talent.