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By PixiGlow
Entering the Archives only gained 14,450XP - PC, Definitive Edition
By Anonymous
Killing The Advocate is not required to speak with the Ancestor Tree. Simply use a teleport spell on The Advocate and teleport him away from the tree. If you wait too long to talk to the Ancestor Tree, then he'll return, begin his whining again, and prevent you from talking to it. However, that said, as stated in the guide above, it's probably best to kill The Advocate; he's a jerk, and, more importantly, killing him is required for completing "A Hunter of Wicked Things" quest.
By Anonymous
Um. So I'm in Arx, just killed Daeva, and I still have the secrets of bloodmoon island quest. And It wants me to find Eleanessa. In Arx. Help.
By Anonymous
Walk outside the building and as if you're leaving the estate. At the bridge outside the spirit will appear and talk to you to complete this
By Anonymous
Despite using Clear-Minded to bring my Wits all the way up to 28, the hatch for the Archives still won't appear. Am I missing something? Advocate is dead, hymnal decoded, I have done pretty much everything here I can but still can't get into the Archive.
By Anonymous
It worked for me. Had a wits of 15, and Clear minded brought it up to 23.
By Anonymous
bruh I just walked in the spot where it should be and selected "use" on my shovel
it revealed the hatch
By Anonymous
So if you speak to the advocate and teleport him away with someone else (out of the trees sight) you can talk to the tree :)
By Anonymous
Я нашел остатки кристального клинка в покоях архивариуса, там на постаменте, че мне дальше делать? Ну типа куда идти дальше то?
By Anonymous
I'm at the ''wake the ancestor tree'' yet, I can't interact with the tree and the archivist's spirit isn't there. I got his book, but I can't do anything else. The advocate is dead, everyone on the island is dead.
By Anonymous
Did you cast spirit vision?
By Anonymous
Go to attack a non-living object and wait till it says “use”
By Anonymous
I think you can get the archive location by using the map that's with the possesed guys that welcome you to the island.
By admiralskippy1
You can use Spirit vision to see a Spirit of Brother Kaylan in the North West part of the island not far from the Druid. You can inquire whereabouts of the archive from him. This will yield 14450 exp.
By Anonymous
I see that most of those successfully teleporting that Hidden archives chest are on PC. Im on console currently and the teleportation cursor works differently as it also moves the camera unlike a mouse cursor. Is there a way for folks on a console to get it lined up to work?
By Anonymous
Make the crafted spell Aportation so you only have to select the area.
By Anonymous
Even with apportation I don’t seem to be able to select it on consle
By Anonymous
I got it with the Aportation AOE spell, just used the spell on the whole ledge. Chest teleported to my inventory.. playing on switch.
By Anonymous
Apportation AOE got it for me on console. Thanks
By Anonymous
How do you actually start this quest? I've talked to every ghost I can find on the island and got nothing. The only thing I can think of is that I Source-Vamped a Black Ring corpse in the Advocate's camp before checking with Spirit Vision and I'm concerned that I may have eaten the one ghost that can actually start this quest.
By Anonymous
Talk to the tree