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Um, he vault hatch isn't appearing, and I've killed the advocate already so. If I could get an explainatuon for that I'd be grateful.
its because your wits isn't high enough, it will appear as a dig site. The archive has nothing to do with the advocate
You don't need wits just use a shovel andyou will find the hatch.
You don't need to have it appear as a dig site, you can just dig where it says the vault is and you will find it. You may need to dig more than once if you aren't on the spot exactly. Just dig around where the marker is.
Hatch appeared when I had a character with 22 points in WITS
For the vault to appear you need really hit Wits.
Either use a potion or use the fire spell "peace of mind" to increase Wits enough to detect the hatch.
Or you can just dig in the spot above - you don't need to see it.
I wouldn't say 16 is "really high"... If you have a rogue they should be at like 30 by now.
*22 apparently. Still, not that high.
How to open vaults if you don't have scholar tag?
You can dig with a shovel to make the hatch appear.
I found the hatches but, what I mean is how to I get to read the books to continue the quest when none of my characters have the scholar tag?
For example, the 3 statues that are around the tree area. There suppose to disappear once the do something with a lever and stuff. But the only way to get to that point is to have someone read the book and decipher it to remove the statues.
This quest would not close for me. I did everything listed here and talked to the tree and got the Doctor quest but it's still showing as active in my quest log.
How to communicate with the tree ? It only talks gibberish to me...
There is a book in one of the vaults (top right) where you can find a book that has the trees name in it. If you call out her name she will speak to you.
to close this quest, u need to slay the Doctor without weak him, an elf sprit will find u in ARX after u killed the doctor, and give u the reward.
I weakened the Doctor and still got the prize from the elf.
I closed out this quest when I teleported to the Arx square. The tree's spirit showed up to give me a reward and ended the quest.
22 wits succeeded in finding the hidden vault. 21 failed to find it.