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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I found a few quests that aren't on this guide. All the quest you get from the Abandoned Livewood Sawmill. If you use Spirit Vision you can talk with the ghost there and complete some quests for them.

An Eye for an Eye - Spirit of elderly mage - wants revenge
Bitter Tonic - Spirit of Black Widowmaker - wants revenge
Old Flames - Spirit of Edie Engrym - wants her killer to say her name
The Bark's Bite - The Log on the saw mill - wants revenge
No Laughing Matter -Spirit Mudbarrow - wants his money back
Hey thanks for the tip, I would have totally missed those quests! You forgot one: Finders Fee - Spirit of Paladin Everhart - wants the head of Mummie Dearest the Lone Wolf.
I can't find any information in this Wiki on the Quest "THE MERCHANT" given by the spirit of Baran Levere when you use "Spirit vision" in the Tavan close to the two chests.
Are there only 2 acts?
I'm 90 hours in and there are at least 3, but I think there are 4 acts.
105 hours and I just finished Nameless island
Alguém me explica como funciona as habilidades que usam pontos de origem e como eu consigo esses pontos de origem
The Merryweather also has "Death Belowdecks". I know it's a dumb and self solving one but it isn't listed.
Never did get that shiny gold coin for my troubles. ._.
New players: You need Summoning with at least two players, as you're always out-numbered, and since you're also frequently with a low-ground penalty for enemies on ledges and cliffs above you, Wings is a must since it helps get to hard places to reach too. The other essential for every character to have is Teleport, you can move foes far away for a breather or to get them stuck somewhere out of reach, as well as bringing ranged characters into melee range to clobber, and grabbing many things out of reach. Of which there is a lot. Good luck!
You absolutely don't need Summoning on any characters. I've completed the game 3 times and never used Summoning.