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Does this stack with Venom Coating? Could be some awesome damage potential there for a Lone Wolf Ranger build, Something like 10 Ranged / 10 Warfare / 10 Scoundrel / 2 Huntsman /10 Geo and 10 Pyro. Should be able to reach this at level 20.
Bro that's 52 combat points, you'd get that at around level 26, with all skilled up its level 25.
With items it's possible to get this at 20. Not sure why all the downvotes.
Stacks with venom coating.
Only works on the first weapon when dual-wielding.
Only skills with Pyro-Skill and char-level. No changes with either int or different weapons.
Even with high pyro lvl, the scaling is very little. The damage input is somewhere like pyro 1 - 225 damage, pyro 8 - 325
This skill absolutely scales with Int
It is INT independent.
how can i get this?
It becomes available at the vendors when you are around level 15-16, or this is what I noticed at least
not good if you are soloing
Work for bow ?
For anyone else who couldn't figure out how to get this item: It shows up in vendors once you hit level 16.
Does it apply to yourself as well ? Or only allies ?


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It applies to yourself, as well.



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Aura range is 8 meters.
8m diameter or radius?
Only scales with Pyromancy, and the damage your affected allies deal is affected by THEIR pyromancy.